Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Because time is a pirate

Just when the things begin to make sense he robs it all and everything that circles around is merely a reflection of chaos amid the sea finding solace in bleak portions of whatever little you are left with decorated with illusions imprinted.Yet you wish once again, defying the rules in your own silly ways to carve phantom of dreams; perhaps not a survivor.Sometimes it assures the authority to live it all but then the air is heavier than it is and hits you right at the back of your head when you start believing.Minute by minute the lullaby turns into noise, bidding the farewell to frisky circus savoring the toast of colors.Mind gazes the emptiness fading into nothingness, clinging onto the traces of everything gone by, seeking for things that aren't meant to stay either.Yet for once, the journals are maintained in silence.


ghostwritersrelam said...

I am not sure, what took me so long to unearth this blog. But as much as I love my conversations with you, I find that I can strike a similar chord with the way you write things. Sad part is, you write in small proportions so, the desire to read more remains unfulfilled.

Anita said...

So true. Such is life :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Visiting after along break! Keep writing:)

S. said...

Thank you Ghostie :D

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