Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oye suna is born!

And just when i thought of noble deed to revive this blog, I stumbled upon idea of producing Oye suna

I'm thrilled to announce arrival of my brainchild and expect you all to stay around there like you've been doing here.

S. :')

Friday, November 20, 2015

Of the monotonous life and ignored blog

"Said my goodbyes and now
This journey's just beginning
Time to move on ahead and drive..."
(by Dream Out Loud)

.....And suddenly I’m inspired to revive this ignored shell of mine.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A matter of choice

You know who you are and you know who you'd never be. A buried thought, an old concept or an option may be. A premature idea yet to be developed or the faded memory. The petals of honesty or the vague self imposed rebel. Double edged sword, too blunt, short on patience and truckload of stubborn. Creepy masks confronting hypocrisy reciting the favourite verses. An opinion of an angry young being excelling the losing hold of a few thing. An owned apology or a selfish banishing peace factory.Yet, unknown. A matter of a choice.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Anonymous writer

Of colors and weirdest thoughts,
Ditching the messiness of the murkiness,
The weary grey winter mornings, 
Years of drunk wanderings.

His quieter eyes,
A shadow haunting in disguise,
Standing with his smoke,
Emerging half forgotten dreams.

When the voices sleep,
The ego of faceless man weeps,
Crumbling inside,
His soul writes.


Friday, September 19, 2014


What a web of life we create for us by letting the forces change the directions beyond our understanding.The pebbles we plant, one each at a time, accumulate to build the bridges that knocks it all off at once and just like the ignored roses, the charisma is long lost, the neck down not willing to look up ever again.This post isn't going to be heart wrenching beautiful.In fact I'm clueless what all I'm pouring out but then i need to write even if the words fail to crawl and enlighten the darkest corners of hearts and there's no denying I'm just useless.

And the interesting thing about writing is that words kicks you while you are down to bash and break the plethora of thoughts to linger the scent of immense dumbness till your words starts spinning.All at a time and out of anxiety you end up setting up a draft to finish, someday.

*★.• The moment you get attached to things you screw it up! The challenge of life is to appreciate everything and attach yourself to nothing. *★.•
This blog is my private territory.The content posted here do not represent your life or perspective- just mine.Your disagreement, irritation at any content posted over this blog doesn't give ample ground for you to post nasty,bitchy messages/comments.Furthermore I'm free to post anything i pleases to, which is not under any copyright restrictions,so you can't squeal until it's your own stuff.