Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Accepting failure is as royal as celebrating success.

I am one of those person who find humour in worse situations.Trust me if i get an opportunity i might even end up joking about my death.Often this surprise to the people around me and then another tag of insanity is placed on my shoulders but then it hardly matters because i just cannot dwell in to the sadness throwing the Oh why me thing on every second person i meet.I seriously don't know if it makes someone a winner as the picture in right is shouting aloud but it is for sure that laughter is the cheapest medicine available at home.I rather work on the things i lack in.Though the depression sometimes takeover but then its okay, humans we are and its okay to let the analysis shower tantrums.I am though again bad at it..I end up watching comedy circus episodes. *You can kill me now

I found these beautiful lines on pramoda's blog which i feel i can relate to the most.

Celebrating success is as important as conquering it and accepting failure is as royal as celebrating success. Accepting a failure gives the desperation required to bounce back. Future belongs to those, who can think about their success on one day or other, even when they transfixed.You can read the whole post by clicking on pramoda's space

..See ya later. xD

Stay tuned for madness.


I am officially proud to say that I finally crossed something on my bucket list!! 
Ok, to be honest I haven't checked it in forever so I do not really remember what is on this said list, but I do know that getting a tattoo was one of them, and BAMN!After taking ages to decide I got a text Rise teamed up with an abstract bird on right side of wrist on 11th August, '13 as a self gift on 22nd birthday Yes 25th july waved its wand and i turned 22 & to my surprise It didn't hurt all that bad.Some liked some didn't but what matters is i loved it. ^o^

It's true what they say, once you get one, you're going to go back for more.Though there are no plans for second one yet.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hello, There.

Tell me a story, one with heart and hope. Make me want, and wish, and then sigh when it ends. Make it come alive for me.Share the link when you finish the same..

And yeah, by the way..

Do you believe in magic?



Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nobody likes a lecture on their birthday.

After a week of constant laziness i finally managed to post this guest post by the hilariously smart blogger Anshul Thankur

I have been on cloud 7 ever since i saw the guest post tweet in my twitter mention because at last after crying multiple shades of blue one of my favorites listened and made an effort to write down for my poor blog which is almost dying daily cursing the blog owner who is one and only I, Me and Myself. \^o^/

Okay,Let's begin. Here it is xD 
Birthday is the time when we pull out old photo archives, sit with near and dears and then reminisce amidst a lot of bantering and badinage. We don’t talk of regrets, we mock ourselves at the mistakes and blunders that we committed and thankfully take little offence. So, birthday is good day, right? 
Okay honey, I’ll tell you a secret recipe to living today, this birthday. Daddy’s grown all too old to not lecture about what to do and what not to do, but if you promise to be a good girl today, I promise you there is nothing hard in living if you have a few things with you. We’re not the all-knowing and always right people, it isn’t exactly bad to not be like that. Take this as a little gift.
Deal? Good.

Let us talk about what you will not like in the future. Regrets. We’re not afraid of making mistakes, we are afraid that we might regret them some time later. But ‘might’ is as clandestine as it is potent. And what future are we alluding to when we make those decisions, is it better than what we imagine it to be if we choose the ‘regretful’ way? There is not one trajectory that one could follow in this intricate labyrinth strewn across our lifetime. Time is not the better judge, we are. Why can’t we regret? What is wrong with regretting anyway? Presence of regrets means we did something that we later discovered was not the better way to do something. That is a lesson, not the end of the world. Even if it is the end of the world, well, it doesn’t matter then anyway. 

I know I talk a lot about routine and discipline and about how you need a routine to get a sense of direction. I should police my words better, now that we have you, a little darling who is growing up into such a wonderful lady. Discipline is the word, routine is practically rhetoric. I look at you jumping all around the house and filling the ears of this homestead with melodic chimes and the eyes with smiles. So when I shake my head in dismay and Grandma and Pa pull at me while they make every effort to pamper you and ensure that your conviviality and festivities don’t stop, I am just being cautious honey. And Ma and Papa know how to keep it in mind that we cannot be too cautious now. But be warned, discipline is what we stand for, it is the objective, not the means and I will not be lax on maintaining it. 
You know right now, where dreams are made. I fear, routine might take that knowledge from you and make you mechanical and call it methodological. Sleep child, sleep as much as you need, no less, neither an ounce more. I want you to wake up every day with a dream in your head, and tell me about it. I’ll listen, I’ll find time. There will be times of school, then college and then jobs which will make you use alarm clocks; but honey, this is your life, all of it. You will own your education, your job, your roles, they will never own you, if you don’t let them. Don’t let them, or else you’ll fear regretting. 

The key to living is to live as it comes. Big people have said simple words, ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’, or ‘life is what you make it’. I tell you that they are all absolutely right, but one shoe doesn’t fit all and it is up to us to find our own way of life, our own quote. So listen with intent, and think a lot. The world needs people who can think and contemplate. If you are annoyed, be annoyed, don’t try to be not annoyed when you are, and when you are happy, let no worry bog you down. 

Someday you’ll think of us and might feel the weight, but honey, we’re fine as long as you are fine. Someday you might read this, and think that I gave a recipe for disaster. And maybe someday you’ll read it and think it all makes sense. In between those points, just remember we have our lessons, but just like you are special, your life too is and you have to find your lessons first hand. But do whatever, do not forget to live.

After reading the post you may want to stalk him on twitter too.Let me make it little easier for you, You can click Here xD  

You got an amazing post to read. *You may clap now and leave dhaasu comments* xD

Here's a little token of thanks for you Anshul for sharing one of the most beautiful piece :) xD 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

False Hopes: The Busiest Year Ahead.

Time has sped by us once again. I look back on the night of December 31, 2012 and see myself gulping down an enormous bowl of ice cream with handful of uncle chips, Eyes on Immortal of meluha and brain relaxing on the bed of 90's songs. I was quite eager for the year to start, made a couple of life-changing resolutions and same old promises to tame the bulges which obviously had to fail.

From that night to this night it has been same old me, except an year older, Yes july waved its wand and i turned 22 finally and wiser and no longer much of a hopelessly optimistic idealist. However, still an idealist, I can never be a realist. It was going on well till it came crashing down and Fiiiissssh! It was like 'On your face, girl!'  Thank you very much indeed.

Since I always seem to contradict them, there's no harm in making some resolutions for the remaining 2013.Hopeless cases xD

August : Delete facebook account and get some life. xD *Done already, I hope i don't feel like reactivating it and pouring the shit every now and then*
September : Break up with my obsession on friendly terms.Yes, That has to be food.The tyres need to get a puncture xD
October : Find some bodies to hide. Who should I kill next? Hmm. 
November : |/*^_^|/* Attend any cool event.
December : Don't look back.Drop the shit behind and Just run forward.

*I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good*

What about you?Pour in your life updates or resolutions for few months which are left because after December we'll bid 2013 An amazing Good Bye *Dances*

This is the mid night post from nocturnal zone *3:30 AM and No sign of sleep* ..Signing off, hoping to update you next week...Oh wait!I forgot to mention I won a runner-up prize for the 'WeChat' contest held by Indiblogger. *Awesomeness* xD

Shubh Raatri, Shabba khair, Good night xD

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