Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let there be a reality check once in a while

I’m responsible for everything that happens in my life; Either good or bad; Either success or failure; Either enjoyment or sadness; I’m the only person who is responsible for myself.Life is not only about having dreams and goals; But it is also about knowing one’s own capabilities and limitations. Ideally, one should dream and aim the near impossible. But practically, one should know his own limitations and strengths before aiming at anything. After all, limitations are not mistakes and strengths may not last longer. But the one thing that lives forever is one’s ability to understand his own capabilities before setting any goals for himself.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

All is well..

Life is the most unpredictable thing. We never know what is going to happen next and still we rack our brains out worrying about it. We plan our future so much so that in the process we often compromise our present.

Life is beautiful..The Isle of dreams,of aspirations,of positivity,of negativity,of togetherness,of recluse,of happiness,of ironies...

That's Life! I live… will live…

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Being a girl is the last thing you would want to be.

 Do you want to be girl? Like, Forever?

The answer to this statement being a ‘YES’ is as rare as a good hair day on your first date. Especially if you are an Indian. I have nothing against my country but when it comes to being born as a girl, India would be the last place I would like to be born into.

The only day you might have wanted to be girl would be when you accidentally went to an interview without fully buttoning your shirt and your man boobs just quite didn't impress the boss, or when you had to hand over your 'hard-earned' money to your sister on Rakshabandhan.

If you still say yes “I would gladly be a girl” answer me:

Do you want guys to look at your tits instead of your eyes and pinch your ass instead of shaking your hand?
Do you want to be offered a job because somewhere in the back of your boss’s mind he thinks that you might be very good in bed and he has a chance?
Do you want to be called a slut just because you wear revealing clothes?
Do you want to be raped and then hear it was your fault because you were wearing a mini skirt?
Do you want to see your brother attend all night parties but not going yourself because, well you are a girl?
Do you want to reconsider your option of wearing white according to the weather?
Do you want to be stared at when you walk into a room where people are telling a dirty joke and they awkwardly stop midway at seeing you?
Do you want to wait an hour to find a decent washroom on a road trip?
Do you want to be paid less for an equal amount of work that a male colleague does?
Do you want to writhe in pain bleeding every month?
Do you want your parents to fuss over wherever you go, because they think everyone is going to rape you?
Do you want every guy commenting ‘hot’ on your Facebook picture just because it has a slight glimpse of your bra strap?
Yes I thought so too. You don’t have to worry about permissions when leaving the house. You don’t have to worry about any pain or bleeding when losing virginity. You don’t think twice before introducing your girlfriend to your family. You don’t need to act dumb to make a girl notice you. You don’t have to worry about your underwear glimpsing while doing weights in the gym. Unlike a girl, you just have to have sex to have a baby.

You don’t get people lecturing you about problems in future pregnancy if you smoke or drink.You get labelled with tag 'STUD' when you sleep around with numerous girls and nobody gives a shit to it later.The girl’s parents do not assume the fact that you are a Sanjeev Kapoor when you marry. Your name and your parents live with you forever.(or till when you want). You do not have to bear with the pain of hot wax (especially nowhere near your private area.) You do not have to worry about making crotch adjustments in public. And this is a list when we are talking about a girl who is born in a middle class family who have somehow managed to break free of the clutches of ancient practices of not educating the girl child.

Being a girl is very difficult. But its not like we had a choice. The very least that you can do is respect us.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Note to self

Believe in God. Believe in his timings. Because- when you lose a good thing, something better comes!It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it.You gotta hold your head up high, Have faith in yourself, Be strong.They say that good things take time.. But really great things happen in the blink of an eye.
I tend to say "I don't know" when I don't feel like thinking. I am good, but not an Angel. I sin, but I'm not the devil.And yes i was called a hypocrite too,especially when the moment came when i thought i almost stopped caring....what could be worst than this! sigh..time made us jerry while life is chasing like tom....
Here’s the thing. I think it’s best if I carry on from here by myself. You know, alone. –Marlin (Finding Nemo)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Topped with generous dose of life

While I have my coke, I will scribble down something..
People who think too much are the ones who get hurt the most. My sense of thought seems to have fallen out of the window, the very reason I'm not able to write much these days. Its easy to lie to others and get away, but when you have to face the truth within yourself its nothing short of hell. I keep telling myself that I have everything I need in life and my life's beautiful.Life is a bitch! and it bites badly at times.. But then we get over it, trust the rule...
And yeah lies, they always creep in on us, always lurking, seeking for a chance to take over our superego... but then some lies are worth the trouble, never regret, because what happened was what was supposed to be.. that's how I see my reflection....
Yes people often judge us cause of our past deeds and set up their tags based on it. They aren't worth our time. You know who you are, and you know about what wrong you have done.
I realized some things about myself some days back. Just a few months back, things were so different and suddenly I look at it and feel glad.Change, is not always bad after all :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Of love and glitters

It wasn't his fault, she thought, 
That she could be in someone's wishlist too,
That she was somebody's dream.
For he had plenty of faces to choose from,
And plenty of beauties to see,
Plenty of eyes to wink at, neither time,
Nor the charm to waste,
You're not made for him,
I told her.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I have a long way to go. I know it is difficult but what I have lived through wasn’t easy either.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hindi poem finally,Thanks to punkster.

I'm extremely proud and honored to have Punkster write a guest post for my blog.Yes,After 3 years i found someone who was wiling to contribute in my pearls to polish it with excellence.Thanks a lot Punkster and Extremely sorry for posting it so late(yeah for being careless and losing the mail once too). *smiles*  Over to Punkster :)

बेगानों की दुनिया है,
सारे हैं अजनबी
अजनबियों के मेले में
 असमंजस मे फसी ज़िन्दगी

कभी किसी की हँसी में
आस ढूंड लेते है
इस बेगानी ज़िन्दगी की
पहचान ढूंड लेते है 

फिर न जाने वो मुस्कान 
कहाँ खो जाती है
जैसे खिले हुए किसी फूल को
नज़र लग जाती है
और कुछ पलो के लिए पहचानी गयी ज़िन्दगी 
फिर अनजानी हो जाती है 

रातों को,
जब जाम को होठों से छुकर 
एक कडवी तन्हाई 
पी जाती है 
तब ये दुनिया 
इसे गुस्ताखी कहकर 
हम  पर उंगली उठाती है 

अंत मे हमेशा 
एक सचाई कांटे की तरह चुभती है 
कि ये दुनिया उतनी ही अजनबी है 
जितनी नज़र आती हैं

Isn't it amazing? :)  For more awesomeness you must go on to his blog  Whispers From My Heart. I'm once again very thankful to him for taking out time and writing this guest post. :)

Catch you all later,
Next blog post in progress..
Sunakshi xD

Sunday, August 19, 2012

If I hadn't said It so many times already, I'd say I'm back...

*Clears throat*

All the way to the moon and back. And all the way there again and back. And again and back. And again, and again, and AGAIN =D


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Twenty One.

Yes. Finally the DAY is here and July has waved its aging wand.Indeed the whole idea of turning 21 fascinated me.Lets see how it turns out to be.Nothing much lined up for today.Phone calls,messages and attention will make it special in its own way.With a smile , I'm logging out.yeah of course with a promise to be back very soon.
The pearls gonna spread all over again.August last week,I'll be blogging again.
Hope you're good. xoxoxo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Late night post

I am being judged, I am being hated, I am loved, I am cared for, but it all doesn’t impress me anymore. I have become used to my own world. I have trashed my world. Now, I am not aware of my grounds, my existence. Either I rebuild, continue or destroy it all forever. The brick by brick effort that I have been putting in my blog, in my writing, it all appears no better than trash. I deleted my blog today. Restored.I am done with the idea of god.I have been building the castles, but I have carefully disguised it all in what I call, living.I have burned the bridges, now I stay stranded on this side all alone while you watch the journey from a world that doesn’t exist anymore, at least for me!Ever been in a situation where you don’t want to talk while you are expected to speak, speak your mind, your heart; however you choke because you know, the more you speak, the more you would be cursed, yet when you choose to stay silent, it hurts.That's what exactly happening these days.May be this is more like creating a noise itself but can't help it. When I feel I am getting dependent on someone or someone is getting way too close, I shut it all off. I just did it today too.That's what i have been doing from years and the reason is unknown to me. The love, emotions, it all is dying deep down for good.May be its the fear,fear of losing...I'm yet to understand the complete picture which I might not even get till the end.No matter who all wish to walk along, no matter who all wish to be part of my life, I walk alone, I rather wake up alone! 
Its 3 a.m. and i guess i should take a good sleep now.Hoping for better day tomorrow.
Good night.

Sunday, May 6, 2012