Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The butterfly effect - part 5 (The end)

"Oh ok..By the way I'm still waiting for my chhillo.." Amy dramatically put head in her hands.
"Chhillo?oh you mean Mochachillo...I'm had to wait" he laughed.
"Wait a minute..excuse Mochachillo and Cappuccino please...yeah...nothing else..thank you"
Taking a separate table won't be a great idea.It might be rude as well..but what if she feel I'm disturbing her?Err.His mind started struggling with unnecessary thoughts..
"Please join us..Nobody has given you punishment here" , Sumedha smiled and said.
"You haven't changed in all these years..Still expert in passing comments." he took a seat.
"Yeah somethings are best to be left unchanged."
"How are you,what are you upto these days?"
"Absolutely fine.I'm working as a fashion designer...what about you?"
"Superb!Finally you made it..Glad to know...I'm software engineer after a hectic journey."
"By the way,Great tattoo.When did you get it done?"
"Thanks.Its almost one and half year."
 "Oh i see,Beautiful it is."
Waiter served their order..
He pierced the brittle shell of her self defense.Did he ask it purposely?she wondered...It reminded her about the day when she told him once she want to get her wrist inked with a heart..their initials written in it..i.e PS and he explained why she should get butterflies instead of heart.They had a long one hour conversation debating on that..which finally ended on a note that she'll go for butterflies because it suits not only her but both of them.She was done with her tea and realized that she was getting late for an important meeting.She must leave.
"I'm sorry I need to go.There's an important meeting actually.."
 "No problem..Look after yourself and stay in touch...."
"Sure.see you around."
"Would you mind giving your number?" It wasn't planned..just out of nowhere,all of sudden words just flowed.
They exchanged numbers and she left.

Days passed and there was no call,message or missed call.

On one fine evening,he managed to gather the courage and dialed her number.His fingers tightened on the cell phone when the most beautiful voice said "hello".He expected that she won't pick up his call But she did..he thanked lord under his breathe.
"Hi.Please carefully listen to what i want to say...Its been  5 years and today is the same date we said good bye to each other.You were clever enough to hide well and I couldn't find you despite of all the possible trials.Seemed like you already moved on.I knew it was my fault that i let you go so easily..But believe me,I haven't been able to lead a meaningful life either.At first i thought it is all fine but later i realized it left an everlasting effect.My thoughts still rush towards picture of you which is engraved in my heart.I got serious in life so that i can be with you.I started that whenever we are together again i can have enough to fulfill your needs...I quit smoking so that I can spend my entire life with you..After you left my company changed..I changed for better but my life became worse.."Those 'I LOVE YOU' which once i started thinking were matter of daily routine and force..I began to miss it every time....His voice started shattering...Not that i didn't try to move on..I did..But nothing worked...Now when my family is looking for a match for me,I want to introduce you to them...So that We can be together again,Only if you forgive me."
There was a long pause...she put her hands over her eyes,childish gesture,tears trickle from under her drooping lashes.
Pin drop silence on both sides.
"You think it just happened to you..I had gone through the same pain.I removed all the traces because i thought that's what you wanted..I crave to listen to your insane talks almost every now and then.I try to move on but at the end everything brings me home,brings me to you...I often blame myself for trying to change you which lead to the disaster but i swear i just alarmed you by regular warnings because i didn't want to see you in any trouble..I'm soo..rry.I want to spend my rest of my life with you too."

Ten year later..

They are one of the most beautiful and responsible married couple...he still love her with the same intensity ...she still don't let him spend much on her Rather make him richer with her brightest smile each day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The butterfly effect- part 4

The Intensity of fear slackened but it was just a postponement and she sat frozen watching him with dilated pupil from the corner of her eye as he passed by her side while moving towards Amy.
"Dada,You were on phone and i was getting bored so i came here to see didi's tattoo.She has butterfly on her wrist,How cool is it na?" she pointed towards sumedha's tattoo.
His smile flickered when he saw sumedha.Her white skin and hazel eyes perfectly suited her brown blunt cut hairs.He stared her blankly while the words started floating in his mind like stones crashing through layers of understanding the fact that they can't be together again.The struggle which held both of them for years and the pain which they suffered couldn't be described.
"Hello,Sumedha" he said.
She looked back at him but not quite meeting his eyes.."Hi" she smiled.
It broke the silence which seemed to have lasted from decades.Few minutes almost felt like ages.It was as if the cold disappeared for sometime.
 "Do you know her?how?" Amy interrupted with curiosity.
"Well were friends in school"
"You mean she is your childhood friend?"
"Yes.You got it right.We were childhood friends" He smiled.

To be continued..

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The butterfly effect- part 3

"Amy,shall i order some grilled sandwiches or coffee for you?"
"Naah,dada will be here any minute.He's on phone."
"Thank you" she said to waiter and he left.
"Oh i see.You are here with your brother?"
"Yeah my cousin.Pranav bhaiya is with us to spend his vacations.It is so much fun you know."
Pranav...the name brought back sudden piercing flood of memories.May be you heard it wrong or he must be someone else..There are lot of people who have same name..And he just can't be here.It's almost 5 years and now he's not going to return..she reminded herself and took a sip of her lemon iced tea.
"Here you are and I'm looking for you everywhere Amy.You are such a naughty kid.What are you doing here" , He said and the deep icy voice was exactly the same,although she hadn't heard it for five years.she only had half of her attention on him.Her mind whirled in a fog of confusion.She felt a hard knot of terror in her throat.She couldn't see him because she was in opposite direction and he was standing right behind her.

To be continued...

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