Thursday, November 17, 2011


Don't know just why people cant live their own lives and let me live mine.

I hate it when the top priority of people's lives become interfering into what I am doing. As in how does it matter to them, and anyways also how does it even effect them even an inch. But no, they have to keep on interfering, poke their nose in my business and go on irritating me. Why..??

Well... to that there can be so many reasons -  They don't have a life. - So, for that, Get A Life... Dude. Coz I have one of my own and I am contented with it, and I don't need or look out for your inputs from time to time. So before I lose my patience better get a life of yours or You'll see a different side, which is not that sweet.

I need to tell this to some people..Argh..!

P.S. Sorry for delaying The butterfly effect part 3..Kind of stuck up in messy schedule these days..will post it soon. :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The butterfly effect -part 2

The chair in front of her moved and a little stranger took her place.
"Is it a butterfly on your hand?" she touched the tattoo inked on her wrist."please"she insisted.
"Yeah,you liked it?" she smiled and asked.
"It is awesome..Please tell my dad to get this done on my hand too.It is so colorful."
"Haha but do you know the pain is unbearable."
"I'm a strong girl you know.I can make my neighbor weep but still i think i might want to have butterfly on my hand when I'll turn 12.I'm in no hurry.Please tell dad to allow me and don't tell him it hurts,he can't see me in pain." she smiled.
"Cool!so when are you turning 12?Your dad loves you a lot."
"Ya he do but i love him more than he love me.My birthday is on 21st feb and I'll be 12 after 3 long years" she flashed her white teeth.
"Lovely!whats your name?" she asked.
"Amy sen and whats yours?"
"Sumedha.." .... at the same moment, the waiter served her order of lemon iced tea.

To be continued...

 Image courtesy : Google Baba :D


Thursday, November 10, 2011

The butterfly effect -part 1

"ugh! this sucks.." she thought to herself, "isn't there a place here, where you can sit, without being probed at like, that's-a-disturbed-girl sitting, all by herself"...well, no there isn't. At least not in this place. She chose Cafe Coffee Day.
"Err why they always have to put up sitting arrangements for two or four..what if a person want to sit alone?"
"One lemon iced tea please",she ordered..
"Anything else ma'am?"
"No thank you."
"It will take 5 minutes ma'am." , The guy added smile and left.
She sat quietly,staring the phone flashing 11 missed calls..waiting for the tea she matter wherever you go,technology never fails to say "I'm always there."As she sat there..she saw several people...some waiting for someone,some friends,one trying to explain other why he want break up,one trying to make other understand why he loves her so much,one newly married family with a baby sitting on table trying to mess with the sandwiches and coke.
She was alone but she liked it that way..she had all her time...avoiding all the questions she didn't wish to answer,all the questions she didn't wish to hear,all the questions she wanted to leave and move on..avoiding all the questions..

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep it simple silly

Why complicate life? 
Miss somebody? Call. 
Wanna meet? Invite. 
Wanna be understood? Explain. 
Have questions? Ask. 
Don't like it? Say it. 
Like it? State it. 
Want something? Ask for it.
If you already have the 'no', take the risk of getting the 'yes'.. 
We just have one life.. Keep it simple because sometimes things are not so complicated   :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Friend or soul sister?

You know how you look back on life and certain memories are more Technicolor than the others?
We thought life will happen once the boards are over. We thought we'll have more time than ever. We thought let's get rid of the work load, then we'll have time.
What we didn't realize was that it was happening even then. Life was happening even then. It still is. For always being there. For the million or so private jokes that we share, some of which have built up over the years, more which lay forgotten in some corner of our oh-so-occupied-with-everything minds. This is to her for finding me funny, when no one else did. For sharing the same sense of humour, tolerating all my mood swings. This is to her because no one else I know thinks I'm good the way i am than she do, for understanding I'm upset when I'm cold, for not leaving me when you most wanted to, for holding on when I most wanted to. This is to her for understanding that when I go quiet I sleep.We've had those huge, not-talking-for-months fights. But always, always, when it comes down to being there, everything else aside, we're there for each other.Don't remember the exact one year which cemented to grow to be an extremely strong friendship, that nothing would break.Since school got over, it's got harder to spend time together.But it never makes a difference. I could be with a hundred new people, do things she doesn't get at all, be a part of field that's alien to her, but when I'm back with her and we're being us again, its like coming home.
How do you explain friends like her? She's just that girl, who'll dance at my wedding,play with my babies, and tell them stories of the bad things their Mom did. 

 It was her B'day on 21st oct. :)

I made this card which later needed a big correction when i found out at 12, she is turning 21 not 20.OOpps..Replaced the 20 with 21st before giving! :D 

It's been seven years to our friendship. :) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wish someone had told me when i was eighTEEN

Two and half years ago.
I Passed my high school.                                
But had no clue what to do with my life. 
I asked my family , they said do what you want to do. Thank you,what a suggestion!
I asked my friends , They said they will pursue whatever they'll be comfortable with. Hmph..
I asked my neighbor , They said they are done with their college life and still wander aimlessly. Awesome, chill raho ..aish karo! 

Even though I love creative field,I was sure that my parents won't find it worth enough to join.
They do consider it as a total shit!
And thus,i had no option other than going with flow.
Running for checking out various professional courses which a commercian can deal with and i managed to choose one.
At times I don't feel satisfied with what I am doing But still I guess i made a good choice.Let's see what future hold anyway.

But still there are certain things which i realize now and wish someone had told me while i was struggling to made a crucial decision of my life.

Here the list is Oh please don't give me that , OWTF !*one more list* look :P
  • Invest sometime in yourself. - This certainly can change the entire personality Believe me If you know yourself , you can deal with anything.
  • Accept and embrace change - Because change is inevitable.Be it bad o' good.It totally depends on your perception.
  • Live a comfortable life, not a wasteful one.Do not spend to impress others.
  • Do your best in what you do-No matter what your result is then.You will be having peace within your grain sized brain that at least you did your best.
  • You may not get what you always want but its Okay to not to have somethings because there must be something better waiting for you which you may realize later.
  • Don’t regret any of your decision.It just makes your present dead and ruins future. 
  • Natural human fears of failure and embarrassment will sometimes stop you from trying new things but the only thing we fear is fear..
Chalo,enough of gyaan (pack up)  xP I wrote this because may be because when time seems tough i make a note of these points to remember..based on experiences :)

By the way its been 3 days and i don't know why i strongly feel  like having momo's and garlic bread.anyone wanna join? hehe

That's all for today,
LOve xD

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dream on

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a day dreamer. I always dreamt of things I wanted, things I wanted to do or things I want others to do for me. I called it ‘my list’. Even though people say I am a grown up now, I am no different. I still have my list written somewhere in my mind as I am bad at maintaining diary. The list doesn’t have a time line. Its just a list of things I hope to do in this life time.
Anyways, today I have decided to make my list public. Here is my Bucket list -
  • Get a job that not only pays well but I also love.
  • Travel to 4 other countries other than India.
  • Live in another country for at least an year.
  • Work or open a charity organization.
  •  Make a snow man.
  • Own my own personal library. 
  • Get interviewed. 
  • Visit as many places as possible for this list.
  • Learn to swim and go for Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Go to a live concert.(Euphoria or jal's will add bonus to wish)
  • Make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Donate my eyes. (of course after i die)
  •  Learn to make cookies.
  • Fly a kite all by myself . 
  • Travel in a ship.
  • Ride a hot air balloon. 
  • Go trekking.
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Get a tattoo. 

That's all for today. ^_^
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You too can fly..

Take criticism, smash it into dust, add color, and use it to paint breathtaking images of unicorns frolicking through endless fields of greatness.
~ Matthew Gray Gubler ~

Talespin has always been my favorite cartoon. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Note to self.

"Every negative thing in life...has positive side" - feel it and follow it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just a reminder !

To all those who believe only black and white are most beautiful colors and spend most of their life dwelling in past.

Life's colorful.
Which can be felt,
If you're willing to feel.
Which can be seen,
Only if you wish to see.
Which can be lived,
Only if you attempt to live.

I would like to conclude this write-up by mentioning few lines borrowed from Mr. Robin Sharma’s book – “Sit down now and write out a list of all that you have in your life. Start first with your health or your family - the things we often take for granted. Put down the country we live in and the food we eat. Do not stop until you have written down fifty items. Once every few days, go through this list - you will be uplifted and recognize the richness of your existence.” 

Keep smiling. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011


Today, my brother told the family that if you pull on the dog's back foot then she always obeys. I later found my mom tugging on the dog's foot whispering "jump off a cliff" repeatedly. FML

Today, while riding in the car with my mother, we got into an argument, at which point she pulled the vehicle over, took the key out of the ignition and used it to turn off the passenger airbag. She then continued driving in silence. FML

Today, the girl of my dreams that I've been dating for months called me. Apparently she's been having recurring nightmares of me cheating on her. She dumped me "just in case." FML

Today, I wanted to show my teenage daughter what we did when I was her age. We used to breakdance, so I stuck on a Grandmaster Flash track, and tried some old moves on the living room floor. I spun out of control, smacked my head into a wall and pulled a back muscle. FML

Today, to keep my phone safe while I went on some rides, I took it out of my pocket so I could put it in my bag. Just as I pulled it out, a woman ran into me, knocking my phone to the ground and breaking the screen. FML

Today, I went to register for college classes with my mom. Upon leaving, my mom confessed to me that she thinks I will get pregnant and drop out before my freshman year is over. FML

Today, I got woken up by a text from an unknown number at 3 am saying, "haha I found your number." I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. After hours of trying to fall asleep, my drowsiness was disturbed by another text from the same person saying, "Sorry, wrong number." FML

Today, the ex I still have feelings for made a post on Facebook announcing her two month anniversary with her boyfriend. She broke up with me less than two weeks ago. FML

Today, I bought my cats two new litter boxes in hopes that they would use them. They still prefer to pee on the clothes in my closet. FML

Visit FML For more.Believe me it is one of the best time pass thing. ;D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dedicated to my first love

He stands for all that’s good,
and for everything that’s right.
When life seems dark and dreary,
he stands as a beacon of light.
He’s respected by all who know him.
Loved by his family.
His honor is beyond question.
He’s a man of integrity.
 He stands as a great example.
The best anyone ever had.
He stands tall, above them all.
There he stands…My Dad.

Father is always considered as first love of daughter,followed by her brother and husband.well,that's what i heard and even believe so.I don't know why am i writing this,may be because of constant remembrance.I love you papa, i know you would not be reading this and no man, can ever ever take your place in my life.I know sometimes have been worst because of the disappointments i gave you and the non-talking scenario and when everything seemed to get back on had to leave us.I know its not your fault,you didn't wanted to leave us either.I miss you in every breathe i take because you and mom are reason of my existence,because you've been with me throughout everything and above all because you're my first love ever since i entered in this world..When i was a day old,your hands were the safest place to be there in for me and as i grew up i learnt trying to walk and your hands were there to catch me whenever i fell.I remember the evening scooter rides which i used to eagerly wait for everyday when you used to come back from office.From candies to toys,we three got everything we wanted.I'm proud to be a daughter of a person who didn't mourn on birth of three daughters.In fact everyone was amazed to see the grand celebrations on each ones birthday in n those times,when birth of baby girl in middle class family was not a matter of happiness.Daily morning,your scream used to wake us up to get ready for school and as you drove us to school,we never stepped back in stopping at confectionery for morning candies.Even after we grew up little and gained the senses,You were there whenever i fell sick.Running after me to take the tablets because you knew how much i hate them,i rather throw them in dustbin than gulping them down my throat.Whenever my grades were low,i used to walk to you first than showing them to mom.whenever my pocket ran out of money,you helped me without letting mom know and In exam days,you used to ask several times whether i kept pen,pencils and all those things which i will need during writing exam.From expensive school and trips to trendy clothes,you never said "no" for any of my demand.I know you're aware how much ashamed i were because i disappointed you by not fulfilling your expectations.I couldn't face you and which was further followed by anger and frustration.Then i cleared the very first step of CS,Even after i gave my exams in tough time.when mum went through major operation and it was you and di,who encouraged to appear for exam,when i was about to give up. I could hear voice choking with pride and happiness.very soon you agreed to send me out for studies when i insisted and in shaky voice you said "Be safe." There i were enjoying my life and out of nowhere i heard about your accident.Mom and didi hided,saying you're okay..Just some minor fractures and you'll be home in few days.I came to see you and seeing you on hospital bed shattered me.I was asked to go back and continue my studies..i still remember the last words on phone when you assured me you're alright and i said i'll be back on saturday...and the saturday came but i wasn't allowed to meet you..and the monday morning bought the disaster!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let it go.

As we grow up, we meet lots and lots of people and as we move on, roles of various people in our life flips,renewed or totally removed. people who just abhor an unstable mind like me often lands into dilemma who exactly is worth looking for when you face problems,or simply when you need someone just to listen you,and it feels like so many times you are there for people who need you,that you forget what it is like to have someone be there for you.Then you realize that everyone who walks into your life make you smile,some when they walk in and some when they walk is a beautiful journey with unknown destinations and path most uncertain.we come across some sweet moments and some strangers to remember and ahead in this journey one day when you try to recall,the moments are memories and the strangers are gone.The moment you get attached to things you screw it up! The challenge of life is to appreciate everything and attach yourself to nothing.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Consider it as a blog post

Every moment we live is special.
Every heart we meet is special.
Every act we commit should do genuine justice for those specials. :)

Every article I write is special to me.

It gives me the immense feeling of softening and unscrambling my that it will be focused to new things regularly and the thoughts and wishes of my heart are revealed out .so that my heart will feel happy when it deserve to stop working and it will have a feeling of existence in my blog.

Happy Thursday

Its been long time I've been missing posting awards and tags.

First of all I apologize to all those whose tags i couldn't take up.I'm way too lazy to do that and moreover i always run out of time.Busy personality you see *winks* Okay,bad joke.

Btw,I received this "The brightening my day award" from the wonderful blogger HAMZA of Teenage Mutiny . His awesome sense of humor and randomness can make you'll miss some good reads if you don't join him. :)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just an another day,BIRTHDAY!

I spent two weeks in pure torture. The bleak miserable days. They make me shudder.I was too busy.
I have nothing new to blog about,so let me tell you about some epic NON-SENSE .
It all happened so soon. I have 12 days of being a teen and then it will be over, I will be an official grown up lady. Goodbye to teen on this 25th..! which I'm not so looking forward.To be honest,yes the thought of turning  20 is little scary.
The reason is quite obvious, I won't be a teen, anymore.yes,this is the first reason.lame?yeah,i know.
What is the second?well,that's much more lame than the first one i just mentioned.It is the confusion that is there any chance that tomorrow am going to grow bigger, mature and have my life together? Don't think so.On top of it i can really expect the typical desi dialogue from none other than the most wonderful lady who gave me birth,saying "You're not a teenager anymore.GROW UP.

Anyway,lets keep this twenty-phobia aside because what has to happen will happen.Its really not in our hands to stop the growing age.But living is in our hands.Someone has rightly said,life's what make it..! and if it turns out to be shit,just make sure you don't spoil the remaining never know when the final call can knock on your door. -->  *my saying* 
Many people are annoyed with me when I try everything possible to avoid celebrating my birthday.I don't like being forgotten though.Its usually totally an unplanned day like any other without any excitement or crazy stuff which usually i see in other people whenever their birthdays are near and somehow it always turn out to be good in the end with gossips and fun with few Good friends and family.Here is a random list of reasons why I don’t celebrate birthday,
  1. It’s an arbitrary unit based on a calendar that’s based on the Earth’s rotation round the Sun.
  2. I’m no different on my birthday than the day before or the day after.
  3. Decades aren’t a good measure of milestone.
  4. It’s a commercial industry of cards and ample amount of gifts.
  5. It’s never on a convenient day.
  6. It's just the worst date ever.

Btw,hoping for awesome Better twenty because nineteen has been the worst so far.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a pleasure being at place where you belong-SCREWED UP CORNER.

I really feel lazy like hell these days.I feel like sleeping all the time at my off hours,may be because of so much stress. :|
 I’m out of the blue now. I came back to the normal version of life.
Everything is okay, not good, but okay. 

Btw, Let me shift your attention from my boring life to what i want to share with you all.Its not a story or a poem which i often scribble.Its just something that struck to  my grain sized brain.

Here it goes,

I read somewhere-Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave." 

But have you ever wondered how these chances,mistakes,pain,failures change the whole life?The phases which may get over but at times hovers like an unseen ghost spoiling the entire being.Though we manage to survive through all,but doesn't it leave an everlasting impact? :|

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I wonder over the feeling that eat me inside,
Yet nothing come to my mind,
Lonely i am not i know,
Yet why does my despair grow?

Monday, June 13, 2011

In tiny little vacancies,
Through the spotlights,as the emotions flee,
A minute off my mind,withdrawn,
Digging around a smile,taking a solid turn.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

You may say,
Darkness is in my blood,
But silently i try and pray,
Yet there seems to be no respite from this flood. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trying to run with the bleeding feet,
Not knowing how life is going to be,
Its hard to keep up the faith,
May be cause already experienced what the worst looks like.
Standing in the mid way now,
With vision so blurred,
Even though its been six months,
Not even a single day went without missing you.
The whole scenario still dance around in front of eyes,
The flash of terrible day never steps back in haunting again n again.
With a lump in throat,
If at times get caught while thinking of you,
With wet eyes and faded smile,
I stupidly try to hide it all.
I know its too late to let you know,
You are the best father one could ever have,
I know its too late to apologize,
For being the worst daughter.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miracle happens,
They say.
Its just a shadow passing the realm of hell,
I say.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its a long road ahead,
The eyes still has the same charisma it had during the childhood,
They are still eager to explore the world beyond the boundaries,
There is a little fear of losing myself  though,
But then after an hour i realized that  I am already lost anyway,
Because life is all about finding yourself.
The sparkles again envelopes my life once more,
Million questions,thousands of masks to wear,
Some bitter phases dying to meet,
Some beautiful memories may blossom in between,
May be such is the way of journey called life,
May be that is what we are left with at the end.
Unexplained silence carry the soul to the ninth cloud sometimes,
It helps in recharging the faith,
Yes its an unexplained fact too,
Its echo has infinite strength,
It takes away the pain,
Like the fallen leaves are taken away by wind,
After all it has the power undefined.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Everything ends in a stroke of time,
Nothing remains the same nothing rhymes,
The bitter symphony,
That's what life is.
Behind the spotlights,
Its all beautiful,
When collapse into reality,
Dear check out its worst mood.
Living is dangerous,
Survival is painful,
Die with me tonight,
Bid the demons a sweet goodbye.
Hazed with smoke of sorrow and cries,
The ridiculous chapters ruin it all,
Heartless would survive the struggle,
And the weaker would die with me tonight.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silence and pain hiding the words,
Mixed with the bitterness among the millions unspoken tales,
Some secrets unveiled,
Some tears so beautifully unplanned,
Appearing so strong outside,
Its the fragile soul screaming inside,
Colors merged into black and white,
Time Soaking down the sadness seeming so infinite,
Somewhere i would rather stay alone,
Leaving here my so-called clone,
Slowly i sing the song you taught,

"When everything starts crashing,
Search for an unseen way,
To make those colors last,
To keep the sparkles alive within yourself,
And when every bit of hope starts a fight,
Rise up again,
Dominating the pain,
To wash the silly memories,
To make it all right again."

Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s like the last post of the month I’m writing on blogspot, sitting on this hard plastic chair in front of this pc screen.
Unfortunately the exams are knocking on the door and yes,I have to do everything at last moment only.
You can't expect me to fail in the exams right??they will kill me. my moods all cranky.look i'm even getting breakouts agrhhhh or agrhhh or agrhhgaah whatever..anyone giving me a free vacation to the hill station?please say yes and i'll certainly settle there until the exams get over.Oh how badly i wish it could be possible. :( :D But there is still a 5% chances i would keep updating the blog once or twice in 2 weeks.
Pray for me to cut nice marks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

There is no script for real world,
Sometimes paths seem to have no ending,
Sometimes as faint as deepest sleeper's breath,
An echo come as cold as death,
No voices,no silent screams,
Just a sigh profound.
We all have our own time,
We can't fast forward life,
We can't turn back the hands of time,
We long to live moments rest ahead,
We timely assure to spark the flame within us,
Because we always learn to get up after falling.
What is meant to be will be,
There is no reason to give up on everything,
Isolating from family and abandoning the friends won't help even,
Leave the gasping for air and nothing seems fair agenda behind,
Some dreams are born dead and some are brutally killed is a beautiful consolation statement ever made,
Because when everything aches,you gotta move on;life goes on..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

There are people around us,who timely keep assuring us how much they like us and how ridiculous their life would turn without us.But is it as reliable and as easy to digest as cakes piece?as far as my perception is concerned,i guess its only the change which is permanent and it is seriously being stupid to stay confident when someone tells they like you,though it is one of the best feel,because the question which arises is,"Until when"?Just like seasons,feelings change and so does the people.Be it temporarily or permanently,it completely depends on person to person.Yes,everyone is selfish.I include myself too.we usually tend to change our behavior when we see the other person is cannot plan for others and others don't necessarily fall into your plan either and that's alright.At the end,time let you know who stays and who don't because as the life moves on,the better shall come and the memories of old good friends are cherished. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

May be deep inside she just want to be alone

The music was aloud and the room was filled with the high spirits , everyone was dancing on the floor enjoying the ample amount of smoke and alcohol.The wall was filled with colorful hand prints of the youngsters.There were little blue and red lights, making a mysteriously bright atmosphere.It wasn't like kim was there for the first time.In fact it was something which was now a part of her life,The one thing that completed her day.But today wasn't one among those days when she was in mood to party,dancing has always been her passion though.Million stories in seven days.plethora of  things  were going into her grain sized brain.Despite of numerous attempts to settle down in the surrounding ,she faced continuous failures.She sneaked out from there and started  to walk slowly on the city street,after a while without giving any second thought she sat on the side of road trying to collect her scattered thoughts at one place,taking control from filthy chit chatter and sack a shit people. This is she  trying to take back control of her life once again but may be deep inside she just want to be alone this time.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

No more teardrops wait for a knock on the door,
Emotions veiled in darkness on the shore,
I lost my pride i lost my glow,
For me the sun rising is still most awaited show.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Plethora of thoughts  takeover the mind,
Cascading the every bit that could shine,
Hatred appears to be one of a kind,
Even though heart knows love is divine.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Once the fight is over and once the dust's settled,The audience is long gone home and you just stand there alone.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In a moment of rage, hurt and stinging tears, the confessions tumbled out. No surprise. No judgments. Just soothing words. A few scattered comments.And then the advice: It isn't going to be rosy...You must settle with it.urgh !That's something already known and accepted.
It is rare that I have a heart to heart with any of my folks. Mostly the lack of deep conversation emanates from the discomfort of being judged on choices made.The more I was told to come to terms with the settling in part, the more rebellious I became.Partly, because I knew it to be unfair and partly also because an extremely rigid sense of right and wrong was installed in me long ago.It is probably something that never came from the surroundings. It came from within somewhere..and here i stand,pictured as strong person.
Often, I would question - Why can't the other party do it as much as I do it. These questions would be in relation to broken friendships, people who turned their backs in the moment of crisis etc.But then again that's one of the reason I've managed to become wiser.I know my feelings are valuable and there's no way anyone can ever mess up my self esteem..even though it needs courage and patience..and yes,i possess the very same.
Because on good days, they will stand by me, love me, hold me and be good to me. On bad days, there's no guarantee of anyone.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


This morning i overheard my friend telling her boyfriend on the phone -"Baby, I'm so sorry,had gone to take a bath. Sorry couldn't inform you. Hope you didn't get too worried."
For a couple of seconds I thought I heard it wrong but the - jaanu, and the babbbiiiee and sorry that followed made my doubts disappear . I could have shot her or killed myself.
Actually,it made me wonder if this is what relationships are supposed to be like. And by relationship I mean - a boyfriend girlfriend relationship.A feeling of love in the relationship. some of you might think its a "grapes are sour" kind of feeling for me , let me clarify and tell you its not.
I personally hate the questions "would you date me.?". I simply don't like the idea of asking that question because its not like your asking someone to marry you. Why do u need to date a person to be liking that person? Why not just stick to confessing your love for each other. Its not like you will feel any less if the girl says no or vice versa.
Another thing i just don't get is how you can be informing each other about every single thing you do all day . I mean you have to inform him/her bout you going to take a bath,or that you sneezed or you are having lunch and go ahead to describe exactly what you had too. Trust me such people do exist and I'm sure 50 % of the people who read this, behave this way. They will get worried if their girlfriend/boyfriend do not pick their phone up or reply to their message every 30 seconds.Dude,leave your "better half" alone for a while, let them breathe. Even parents don't do that anymore.
Then their are girl friends- the crying kinds - who will cry at the drop of a hat. They will cry if their guy does not get time to eat food, or return their call in 5 minutes . How can you cry about this. Your boyfriend will not die if he skipped that one meal and has it ever crossed your mind that maybe he was just busy and thats why he couldn't call you.
"you cant wear sleeveless" kind of guys- these guys will not stop drooling at women who wear less clothes but the minute their chicks wear something that is sleeveless or maybe a skirt they will be the biggest jerks and scream and shout at their girlfriends for wearing revealing clothes Some women find this to be sweet and very adorable and a gesture guys use to show that they care. I think its just stupid. Let the girl decide what she wants to wear dude. she is old enough to.
Anyway, I got carried away and started talking about what annoys me. See, relationships at our age is supposed to be chilled out and relaxed . Simply, you like a guy and he likes you and you guys like spending time together. It shouldn't matter if you cannot talk all day or inform each other about how many times he/she sneezed. You need to have that trust to know that he she loves you and he/she does not need to tell you that every 30 seconds. In fact if you told them you love them once in a while it would mean much more to them. Its supposed to be a beautiful and happy feeling. It might be painful sometimes but in the end its worth it. (And no,I do not mean it in a perverted sense!) It need not be shown to the world , or bound by this "relationship" status. People can be in this relationship without even expressing to each other how they feel ,because its something they both understand.Saying sweet nothings to each other does matter , But over doing it is just painful.
I think the simpler it is kept the better it works.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Though with you i chatter meaningless gabbles i scatter,
Jovially,jauntily,jerkily i smile,
Roam around outcasting my own style,
Living at the most and laughing around merrily,
Pulling your leg till you start giggling heartily,
Yet escaping far away from this for a while,
Its the solitude with which my soul compile,
In the night when sky is full of star crew,
I hope one falls and my wish come true,
Phase which is vandalized,
Pass away like it was never fantasized,
Wishing i could trade my life to bring him back,
Gazing the stars and searching for his sign,
Looking around and feeling his presence,
Listening to walls which teasingly yells his memories,
Silently pleading "please come back dad",
Wetting the pillow and sobbing so hard,
Pondering on my own thoughts,
Tying the heart with soul in knotts,
I love when my heart consoles my tears,
Somehow it settle down all my fears,
I play the strings of my own silent symphony,
And prepare myself to work on building my own destiny

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Are Braver Than You Believe

“If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.”
-Winnie the Pooh

Perhaps the most compelling quote ever credited to a portly cartoon bear.a montage of memories flashed before my eyes and something inside began to hurt.It was then that I caught myself subconsciously wishing things were the way I wanted them rather than the way they were meant to be. But then of course, I immediately gave it a second thought and realized what an ABSURD thing that was to be thinking and I scolded myself. Though I rarely intend to, sometimes I wish things had turned out differently… because I can’t help but wonder.So often I scornfully catch myself wishing for things I don’t have, or at least things I don’t have any right wishing for. Sometimes I wonder who I would’ve been, had past journeys been steered down different roads and headed in completely different directions. Sometimes wondering can get you into trouble because it’s often the case that you find yourself, by some mysterious form of inherent rationale, believing that you, or your life, would’ve somehow been better off, had things turned out differently. Perhaps that’s trite and pessimistic but I suppose this way of thinking is more common than we tend to gather or even realize. I try to remind myself how blessed I am to have what I have.I’ve been given and for the opportunities I’ve been allowed to seize. I am altogether undeserving, and thus, so very humbled.
*★.• The moment you get attached to things you screw it up! The challenge of life is to appreciate everything and attach yourself to nothing. *★.•
This blog is my private territory.The content posted here do not represent your life or perspective- just mine.Your disagreement, irritation at any content posted over this blog doesn't give ample ground for you to post nasty,bitchy messages/comments.Furthermore I'm free to post anything i pleases to, which is not under any copyright restrictions,so you can't squeal until it's your own stuff.