Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winning is Everything

I have been loaded with hell lot of work Fat pile of books to be honest *Giggles* which explains all the reason to miss out opportunity to update this love of mine.Just now a friend messaged her post for Blog adda contest  and i was all charged up for letting the madness out.Credit goes to the patiala glasses of tea and sleep deprived soul who wanders in kitchen and hog like an elephant every now and then.Yes, Patiala glasses of tea because cup is too mainstream. *Winks*
Okay so let me mention quickly what the contest is all about.It's quite a simple one where I'm supposed to write my winning speech on receiving the prestigious and much desired BlogAdda Blog Award!I have received awards before but never i thought of writing a speech so it's like celebrating a sweet taste of victory yayyy xD  The congratulation wishes , a loud applause and whistles, nothing but it's me who will matter when I'm announced as a WINNER!Believe me it actually gives happiness when you get to know that there are people out there to read your ramblings of khaali brain which are just creation of weird mood swings.

 This would be my ceremonial thank you speech :

*Clears throat*

I thank judges for believing my blog deserve this award.
My parents for burning their savings in my education so that i could learn how to frame sentences and use a decent level of grammar.
My cousin for introducing me to the world of blogging and My siblings for giving up their love for Facebook for few hours so that i could explore blogging Of course after a heartfelt great session of pampering which also included dose of cat fights
A genuine pool of friends who embarrassed me to the death in private for the flaws which they could notice in my writing but then poured all the love in public to cover it up all.
My perfectly insane brain which keeps on dreaming to cast a spell for wishful thinking.  
Loyal readers who never fail to cheer me up and shower their support through the mails when I'm not around.
Airtel broadband for an amazing connection speed. Be jealous  
God for giving the memories to strike the chords within me for letting the madness create bubbles of pearls.
Our electricity board for their uninterrupted electricity whenever i sign in.
Twitter people who never comment but then again fill the mention tab sharing their views.
All those silent readers who never show up but then secretly stalk this place. 
Our maid who do all the cleaning and my mom doesn't whine when i spend time in reading novels.
My smartphone which is actually smart enough to never miss a notification and seize the opportunity.Yeah optimum utilization of resources if it is to be summed up in commerce language. xD
Our pet who once chewed my diary and i kept my laziness aside.Typing takes time but then i can be sure it is worth.
An extra huge share of token of love for mommy for making the super healthy food which i hog almost all day long and stay healthy and happy. xD

I'm grateful to everyone around me for they've influenced me in some way or another.

Ends here.You may clap now

Code :
This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My friendly jubilee post for my dost

Oh you read the title right but there is a little difference.Whatever I'll share is a post from my dost.Once again Anita, My twitter friend, Creator of The Explorer Of Miracles , Contest freak, Highly Educated a doctorate is an academic degree of the highest level, Amiable and charismatic person possessing the positive aura which can shoot up your morale to another level, Has contributed to my pearls to light a flicker of faith in darkness.She kicked off the Monday blues by dropping happiness in my mailbox and what else could be better than knowing that she has dedicated her 75th post to my blog? Be jealous *Grin*

 Here is what Anita has shared with us.

When I think of both the words Diamond & Platinum, I think of my FRIENDS, as even they are precious! Friends are the jewelry that we can proudly flaunt! There is no fear of them getting stolen as they are always there for us! Coming to think of it, friends are priceless! At least, we can buy Diamond & Platinum jewelry in the shop. But, we can’t really ‘buy’ true friends or friendship in a shop as friends are earned! Friends, like jewelry, reflect our choice!

In a story of Vikram-Betaal*, Betaal tells the story of a wise girl who has two suitors- one whose relatives have bad habits and the other whose friends have bad habits. At the end of the story, as usual, Betaal poses a question to King Vikramaditya- “Who do you think the wise girl chose to marry- the man who has relatives with vices or the man who has friends with bad-habits? Which was the wise choice and why? Tell me, O King! Else your head will roll off!”

With his wisdom, King Vikramaditya replies, “The girl should marry the man whose relatives have bad-habits and certainly not the man whose friends have vices! We do not have control about the family or the relatives we are gifted with as we cannot really do anything about the relatives of the family we are born in! But, we certainly have a say in our choice of friends as we are the ones who choose our friends! Friends are an extension of our personality!”

Wise words indeed, but Betaal escaped (as he always did when the wise King gave the right answer!) & King Vikramaditya continued his pursuits to catch Betaal, listen to new stories & answer the questions correctly!

Friends are a pillar of strength. They cheer us up and support us when we are feeling blue! ALL IS WELL with friends around! The world feels special, stars twinkle brighter, the clouds assume creative shapes, the air is more fragrant, the food is more tasty, the laughter more free…

Friendship is based on trust, faith, understanding, tolerance and communication. Wise men advise- ‘Be A Friend’. First, we need to make friends with ourselves, before hoping or expecting others to be our friend. Be aware and completely accept the self before extending/expecting ‘friendship’ to/from others!

If everyone in the world was a friend, peace would rule and there would always be cool solutions and no problems like terrorism, disputes, allegations or tensions…!

May we all ‘Be A Friend’ and may the word ‘unfriend’ be deleted even from a Bokwaas* Dictionary! 

Grateful to FRIENDS; though we seldom say!

We may forget to wish on ‘Friendship Day’!

But the love & respect is here to stay!

Friends are special in every way & every day!

Thank God for FRIENDS! Friends make the world a better place!

Good Friends are hard to find, because the best ones are already mine.

*Vikram-Betaal-  Stories of King Vikramaditya & a ghost, Betaal. This Story is written in my own words from my memory of a story shown in a dedicated TV-show by the same name!

*Bokwaas- Hindi word for ‘Silly’


Isn't it a genuine reminder of importance of friends in life?It's been quite a long time i haven't read vikram betaal stories and i guess it will happen right after my exams.Here is a token of thanks for you Anita..  xD

  P.S. I love collecting Guest posts so you're free to contact if you are willing to contribute. <\^_^</

Monday, November 18, 2013

Exactly Just The Way I Like

I found something worth sharing.To make it little easy for you to finish it off as soon as possible without wasting any time I have compiled the Danielle Koepke's  quotes.

You don't have to make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small. It's one thing if a person owns up to their behaviour and makes an effort to change. But if a person disregards your feelings,ignores your boundaries, and "continues" to treat you in a harmful way, they have to go.There is a big difference between giving up and letting go. Giving up means selling yourself short. It means allowing fear and struggle to limit your opportunities and keep you stuck. Letting go means freeing yourself from something that is no longer serving you. It means removing toxic people and belief systems from your life so that you can make room for relationships and ideas that are conducive to your well being and happiness. Giving up reduces your life. Letting go expands it.Giving up is imprisoning. Letting go is liberation.Giving up is self-defeat. Letting go is self-care. So the next time you make the decision to release something or someone that is stifling your happiness and growth, and a person has the audacity to accuse you of giving up or being weak, remind yourself of the difference. Remind yourself that you don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to live your life in the way that feels right. No one has the authority to tell you who to be or how to live. No one gets to decide what your life should look like or who should be a part of it. No one, but you.

Now you've read this you may flush the regrets just in case.. *Grin* 

I pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.Gratitude turns what i have into enough for me.

Sharing my favorite picture of a place to which countless memories are attached.4 people, Insanity on its peak and so much of fun.

Life never run out of reasons to make you smile.You just forget to look at the brighter sides.

By the way did you get your legend's personalized digital signature poster from twitter?Mention #ThankYouSachin and @BCCI will generate one for you.Thank me later.Here is mine xD

Saturday, November 16, 2013


And I'm back with an awesome post again. *No, I didn't put on thinking cap to add a extra dose of insanity.You may take a deep breath of relief now* I'm proud to announce that this time the courtesy goes to  Rahul's Blog and collections .Rahul Bhatia, One of the talented blogger who pen down his thoughts including the variety of life experiences so beautifully that you cannot close the tab without finishing the complete post and reading few more too.Another not so common Engineer who has served Indian Navy and presently working with telecom MNC.His collection can take you to various places as it includes the travel diaries too.

For adding the pearls to this space here is what Rahul sir has written...

Which is the best part of our lives? Most find the childhood time is the best one whereas for some it is the teenage time and for a few it is the early years of marriage! According to me the most interesting time is the teenage years! Times of rebellion, the times when we undergo physical transformations defining our sexuality and growing awareness of the environment around us! 

It was funny to experience sudden cracking of voice and sprouting of beard. Sometimes, one felt still like a child when others started treating you an adult. The world around us appeared to be more colorful! The ‘hippy cut’ hair was in vogue and the denims and bell bottoms were the rage of the day! The band concerts, Cricket and Lawn Tennis and movies appeared more attractive than attending Ram Leela or the discourses of saints!

Table tennis and badminton were difficult to resist post school and breaking of the TT balls and
badminton shuttle was more heart breaking than reading about breaking hearts in romantic stories. Slowly, with time and dogged determination Enid Blyton, Capt WE Johns and classics like ‘Treasure Island’ made way for James Hadley Chase, Perry Mason, Agatha Christie, Alistair Maclean, Arthur Hailey and once in a while the Harold Robbins and Leon Uris! The girls would read the M & B and discussing the stories with giggles on the back seats in class instead of Mallory Towers and Jane Austin. The smart ones stopped applying the coconut oil in hair and left the tresses free to sway in the wind. The Connaught Place ( now Rajiv Chowk) had many corners where the teens would meet with friends, haggle for books and the export surplus clothes on sale in the streets of Janpath!

Bunking classes in school was unimaginable but once in college ‘mass cuts’ and bunking for movies was quite a done thing but with caution! The professional studies at the engineering institution did not leave any room for increasing the frequency of such occasions to enjoy. The Monday test every week left most of us on the tenterhooks on Saturday and Sundays as all the tests were counted towards the final result.

Enjoying ‘chaat’ and street food was something that was welcome anytime in place of regular home food. Nirulas was the only restaurant in Delhi that offered burgers and pizzas and a visit was always looked forward to!

It was fun to discuss the ‘crushes’ and anything tantalizing like a ‘Debonair’ or ‘Playboy’ was treated akin to handling live bombs and were guarded better than the bombs by terrorists today! Still life was pretty simple and there were not many choices to make unlike today! Since there was no virtual world of Facebook and Twitter, most interactions were on one to one. There was virtually no telephone so less broken hearts due few opportunities to chat on mobiles! Some ‘very smart kids smoked’ and very few cases of drugs consumption were heard! Abba , Beatles and Kishore Kumar kept the teens engrossed with the lively music and catchy numbers.

Once we crossed the’ Lakshman Rekha’ of the teen years life was never the same again under the peer pressure , taking up jobs, pursuing the rate race to make a living and learn the ropes to settle down in the mad world!

*This ends here and you can be jealous now* xD

Isn't it a beautiful reminder of the golden days cherished by all of us?Sooner or later. *Smiles* Thanks a lot sir for sharing a lovely brief account of memories with us.It was more like -

"Let's take a walk,
A walk down memory lane."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The call

Love comes and goes, in form of different people in about every phase of life.We learn to move on, learn to survive.Falling in love is not something you decide on, but she did everything that she could to stay away from it. The minute she found herself leaning towards it, She backed out.With relationship comes the bizarre expectations.If he loves you, he would always tell you the truth. But to tell you his fears, he needs to trust you beyond love.

Dear someone,
You asked her if she hates you after all this time so here is her answer.No, Hatred is something which doesn't exist in her dictionary.You both have decided to walk away to different paths and It's the decision based on mutual understanding.Isn't it enough to end it on a good note?Why there is a need to create an extra dose of burden to let the peace scream aloud in pain and create the unnecessary complications.Let's not give space to the philosophies to crumble, You've been there and she's glad your existence happened.The good times will be remembered always.She respect you for giving her personal space and dealing with her values.Who on earth won't appreciate the fact that they were not asked to change but the changes which automatically followed changed them for better always?And of course the chain of false promises weren't there to dig up a hole for madness, Things have been crystal clear so there is no question of playing the blame game.After all this time how can she hate you?
She's looking forward to better things but at times the best thing one can do when they find love again, is to walk away.The pride of being a leo is playing a role here.Let the years pass and time decide with whom the perfectly designed rings are meant to be exchanged.

Flaunting the awards one more time

Just when i thought I'm writing for myself Anita , One of my favorite twitter friend who possess an immense charisma of spreading the smiles around, did her bit in making me smile once again on a day when I feel feverish and health is being stupid because of weather changes.How i wish it could learn how to welcome winter, The season which is most awaited, The season of celebration May be not this time though Thanks a tonne Anita *Bear hug*

I remember the initial days of my blogging when receiving awards and tags by blogger friends used to make bloat of happiness.Anita just made me walk through the memory lanes by nominating me for Liebster & Creative Blogger Award Here
All I have to do is - 1.Post 11 facts about me. *Ahem ahem*
2. Answer 11 questions which Anita carefully weaved for casting a spell to blabber out all. xP
3. Tag 11 bloggers and ask 11 new questions. *Again a difficult one*
4. Drop happiness on the blogs by letting them know that they're honoured with awesomeness. :D

Let's finish it off all and flaunt the love *Rolls up sleeves*

11 Facts About Me :

1. I hate blaming things on others.I admit my share of fault and believe in moving on.
2. I'm an agnostic.A person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God which makes things difficult when it comes to dealing with mom's love for taking us along to visit temples or performing the puja.
3. I totally love the dhaaba and street food.No matter how fine the restaurants are, nothing can truly beat the taste of local varieties.
4. I'm clueless when it comes to technology.Trust me, you ask a question and i will give you a good reason why you must change it.I'm thankful to my parents who didn't compromise in selecting the best school for me and i managed to learn what internet is.Jai Google baba/maiya *whatever it is* ki!
5. I cannot keep the gifts for lifetime.I'm not one among those who would keep the wrapping papers, every damn piece of letter or things which they've received from their friends or loved ones.Oh yes, That careless I am.I cannot even count how many gifts i have lost so far.
6. Once i notice that i am getting attached to anyone i build the walls of words.Sharing in friendship is limited to a certain extent.
7. I hate lovey dovey nicknames.I swear, We'll be better friends if you'll call me by a decent short form of my name if you really wish to give me a nickname.
8.  I love reading novels.I have just read the selected ones excluding the engineers works who put their soul in writing about failed love stories including the Hinglish but I crave to read more and more.If you're considering a gift for me, I'll help you by giving the list. xP
9. I love shopping alone and of course decent amount in pocket is a must.
10. I admire people who're down to earth when they have every right to flaunt their achievements.
11. I feel blessed for life has been gracious when it comes to counting blessing and listing them all.

Task 1 FINISHED!!! Yayyiieee

*2nd one* 

11 Questions to answer :
1. When and how did you discover blogging?

Ans. In 2009, When cousin helped sister in discovering adsense earning scenerio through blogging.She was busy in building her professional blog traffic and I poured out all the shit here and explored it all, last but not the least made friends.
2. On an average, how much time do you spend to compose a Blog-Post?

Ans. Not more than 20 minutes.Sometimes it just takes 15 minutes.This one is taking much more time though. xD

3. Which is your most favorite Blog-Post so far (please share the link) and why do you love it so much?

Ans. I haven't kept a track of what i have read so far to be honest but i would love to be partial in naming my favorites here.Every time i visit their blog i don't feel like closing the tab.
These are :
> Writing for life
Life of leo
> The red handed blog 
> Aesthetic Blasphemy

4. What is the best compliment/comment and Award you have received as a Blogger?

Ans. It is ayu's comment on one of my blog post in 2010 i guess in which she mentioned that my blog inspired her to write more often And the second one is from aditi on twitter when she mentioned how she remember few of my poems which i wrote ages ago & my blog link helped her in finding my profile on twitter second time.  

5. As a Blogger, what is more important to you-

A) Recognition (& Votes) as the 'Best' & most 'Popular' Post or

B) Prize as the Winning Post or

C) Number of Followers or

D) None of the above as you Blog for yourself & your peace of mind?

Ans. D

6. According to you, what is the purpose of life?

Ans. Trying to find it out.

7. Have you heard of the term CSR? What does CSR mean to you?

Ans. Yes.It's one hell of theory chapter adding few more pages to increase the burden of most hated subject corporate governance of our syllabus.If I'm not wrong it is corporate social responsibility.First tell me if it is right then only i will share what it means to me. xP

8. What is the biggest problem facing the world? What is your solution to save our world?

Ans. I will skip this question.Definitely not in right state of mind to actually think about world's problem and I'm not going become super woman in a day anyway.

9. According to you, our Environment is whose responsibility?

Ans. Society.Ours.Mine!

10. What is that one advice/lesson that you always give or would like to share with all?

Ans. Never ever tag anyone in creating post which can take more than an hour like this one.Please consider this after accepting my tag okay. xP

11. What is your dream?  

Ans. If only i had one dream. xP I will put up a list someday.

Task 2 OVERRRRR! *Stretching arms*

 *3rd one now*

Tagging 11 bloggers and Asking them 11 questions :

Part 1.

1. Red handed -
2. Anshul -
3. Soumya -
4. Raaji -
5. Rahul -
6. Sulagna di (You're being missed) -
7. Israr -
8. Abhishek -
9. Pramoda -
10. Pria -
11. Shriti -

Part 2.


1. Name and share the blog link which made you love being part of blogosphere and restored faith in blogging.
2. What's the craziest thing you've done so far?You must be having plenty, Let the best one settle down on your blog.  xD
3. What scares you to the death?Everyone have their own share of fears, pour it out. xD
4. Do you actually think edward has taken his share of sparkles from lady gaga? *Keeel me now please*
5. What if government ban Facebook, Twitter, whatsApp, BBM, blog?How will you survive?Will you consider hiring pigeons and playing kabootar jaa on loop?  xP
6. Tell the minimum  number of crushes you can recall when you try to look at the slideshow. xD
7. That one event which makes you dig a pit and surrender yourself to it.Oh yes, I'm talking about your most embarrassing moment here.
8. If you could go on date with anyone of your choice who would be that lucky one?
9. Share your idea of perfect gift.You can list down all so that one can go through before selecting one for you.
10. Name at least 10 places you would love to explore.
11. Everyone creates natural disasters while attempting their experiments in kitchen.Tell your worst one xD

3rd Task. KEEEEEEEELED it!!! *Kindly deal with weird questions with peace*

4th Task finished too.Answer 11 questions, write down 11 facts about yourself, flaunt these two awards and Enjoy the tag! xD

Yay!!Now *Drum rolls* ..See mine *Clap clap*  \^_^/

Sunday, November 10, 2013

For Intellectual Magical Morons!

Title me as a “Grammatically Disoriented Person” because of my grammatical errors, I won’t stop writing or write even an inch less.I write for myself, and I would keep writing even if anyone reads or not. I will put up every little thing in my whiney blog and it should be none of your business because I'm not here to serve you best of the fictions.I'm not ashamed by any single thing i have jot down so far.
The canvas of my life fills up; I see the greatest painting ever.Eat well, pour out all the optimism, stay fit and die anyway! \m/

Friday, November 1, 2013

Live it up.

Each time i pray i seriously don't ask for anything specific.I only ask for the things which i deserve and they're mostly listened.I'm surprised to see how perfectly the store provide the dagger to slaughter the castles of false hopes, No I'm not complaining.I feel blessed and my curiosity grows to look forward for better things. Disappointment is an obvious phase though.I scream, scream badly, I let it out, I let it all out with the help of words.At the end I stand fingers crossed, moving ahead, and a heart filled with faith, watching life unfold in all its glory.

Life doesn't give everyone a second chance. When it does, make sure you take the right path.That's not possible all the time, But optimism helps. 

While everyone is busy in making arrangements for Diwali, I'm being forced to listen Justin Beiber's songs which are on repeat.Courtesy goes to 11th grader sister at home. *Dies*

May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here's hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead.
Best wishes on Diwali.  :)

*★.• The moment you get attached to things you screw it up! The challenge of life is to appreciate everything and attach yourself to nothing. *★.•
This blog is my private territory.The content posted here do not represent your life or perspective- just mine.Your disagreement, irritation at any content posted over this blog doesn't give ample ground for you to post nasty,bitchy messages/comments.Furthermore I'm free to post anything i pleases to, which is not under any copyright restrictions,so you can't squeal until it's your own stuff.