Thursday, December 31, 2009

award for all :)

Last post  of 2009! !~!
I am thankful  to everyone  here  for supporting  me through out my journey as  a  blogger.It was truly an awesome experience knowing you all,posting comments on your blogs,getting comments,exchanging the views,but most importantly enjoying people made blogging really worthy for me.thanks a tonne.  :)
May 2010 bring best of bestest things in your life ,take care always,enjoy :)

For being so supportive,i would like to give this 'nothing is as sweet as you' award to every follower of mine as a token of thanks.kindly please accept it :)

Keep blogging and keep rocking!~! \m/

Sunakshi :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

                  No one hears the gentle thump of her faltering heart,
No one realize she need a thread  of support,
No one sees the battles raging inside,
She silently scream save me please,
But no one comes by her side.
Hatred and despair engulfs her completely,
 Disappointment have always  been her best buddy,
The urge to isolate from crowd,
Deep cuts her soul hold,
Nothing suppress the growing sorrow.

P.S-Just a random effort. xD

People come into your life and people leave it.You just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wandering soul

The voice in her head screams aloud,
Yet her lips don't utter a word,
The mistakes she had done,
The pits in which she had fallen,
It terribly reminds her of every bad that had happened.
Fighting the battle within,
Nothing to say,
Nowhere to escape,
Nothing to ponder,
On the meaningless streets her brain wander.
She sit in the crowded place,
And the world pass her by,
Tracing the criss crossed lines on her palm,
Gazing the destiny which made her path,
Reflecting the decisions which changed her life.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas note.

Lonely you are not you know,
Then why does your sorrow grow?
It is not the time to sit and wonder why,
Its Christmas baby,
Time to celebrate and enjoy.
Don't let any bitter memory torment you again,
Gather the courage so that nothing could increase your pain,
Keep sour thoughts of yours far away,
Its Christmas baby,
Time to sing and play.
Let your voice reach to everyone who's struggling,
 To those who have home nowhere,
To those who are burning in flame of  despair,
Its Christmas baby,
May god bless them lets pray.
Let your flute compose sweetest melody,
For those who hope for sunlight someday,
To heal their internal wounds,
Its Christmas baby,
Time to be thankful for what you've got and spread smiles.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unspoken words of sad picture..

She was the sweetest thing ever,
She was loved by everyone around her,
Inside she was sick and sore,
No doubt she was a walking disaster.
Leaves scattered without a sound,
Blanket of colors decorated the ground,
There her spirit got shattered,
With nameless pain she was hooked.
Dullness is what she could smell in air,
 She barely looked any world beyond despair,
Every time she laughed she lied,
 Innocence in her eyes was always unconfined.
Isolated from the realistic world,
She crawled in her shell,
Living in fake sense of security,
She escaped from cruelty.
No consolations worked,
neither for any piece of hope she looked,
She died million times before dying,
Desperately she chased her ending.

P.S-I came across this picture last night,even though its terribly sad but i kinda loved it.tried to give it some words,dunno if i've done justice to it o' not.!! XD

Monday, December 14, 2009

True love..

His life was an elegy before you came,
You entered and he got wings to fly,
With all the love and care you gave him,
Each day he got better reason to stay alive.
No thousand words he could use to thank you,
Just his soul he could afford to lose for you,
His heart belongs to you,
All he could say forever he will be with you.
He is left with no strength to stay away from you,
You are the one whom he owe so much,
 You are the one he need for rest of his life,
You are his angel sent from above.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Follow your heart

She always wanted something to call her own,
She searched and searched and  got lost in vain,
 It was the time when he spoke,
Brutality is a way of life,
Happiness never comes without strife,
Each one have struggle  have pain.
He wasn't her lover,
He wasn't a stranger,
He wasn't just an ordinary speaker,
He was the one whom she could always count,
He was her heart,
He was her best mate.
Peacefully she listen to him when things go wrong,
He is the one who sings her a song,
A song of hope,
A song of joy,
A song to inspire,
A song to aspire before she expire.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rise like a phoenix

Time blunts the edge of grief,
Listen to me,listen to me please,
Leave your soul free,
Watch her dance,watch her dance please.
He is done with shuffling your destiny cards,
Yes the one above with highest powers,
Guess what he has got for you in his store,
Its an ace which everyone waits for.
Rise like a phoenix from the ashes of worst time,
Its all your time to shine,
No use of harping on the same string,
Don't hung up at your last leg.
Time blunts the edge of grief,
Listen to me,listen to me please,
Leave your soul free,
Watch her dance,watch her dance please.

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