Friday, July 30, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Dark are the ways of life,
Till the end we just strife,
Engulfed by the venomous surprises,
We barely look at the sorrows and cries.
Comfort we all are searching,
Our hearts are filled with wishful thinking,
Endless hope or hopeless end,
To every memory we forever get attached.
Past mocks down the smile of today,
Today offers worries for upcoming day,
Our mind collide with thousand thoughts every single day,
But the answers seem to be million steps away.
Secretly we feed upon the fantasies,
Detaching ourselves from the never ending puzzles,
Escaping from the realms of reality,
We struggle for self discovery.
No matter how deep we dive in,
Some traits are forever hiding,
Like the scent of pressed flower within the diary pages,
We keep adapting the changes.
 Sitting there in the middle of night,
Clung to the nameless pain so tight,
Tripping over the gift called memory,
Looking back at the journey to sanity.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rambling of an insomniac

No answer.
No answer
It was already midnight and ann couldn't see her ten year old brother peter now tears had blurred her vision.all of a sudden something stroked her mind,she started to run faster towards the basement which leaded a way to a small garage.she twisted her ankle,and fell on ground infinite times,yet stood up every time and tried her best to reach there as soon as possible.she went to the open door ..calling for him again.. "peter" ..shaking with fear and sorrow ,she crashed down and bowed her head.
After long silence she heard the voice of the one she needed at that moment,the most beautiful voice.she looked up through her eyes filled with tears.she saw peter sitting on an old and rough tyre..
"Ann" he said softly.
Tears still falling from her eyes..she got up and ran towards him.. "hey,you know its 3:00 a.m and you should have been in your bed.i got so scared..what are you doing here?" she said worriedly..
It seemed he was lost in deep thought...he stared her for quite a long moment and whispered softly "ann,i wanna be with you..with mom and dad..with my friends...i don't wanna die"
Ann smiled and spontaneously gave a comforting reply "who the hell told you this crap?of course you'll be with're not going anywhere.we aren't sending you know how much we love you"
Peter stood up and took a sit on her laps.. " hospital...i heard doctor  telling mom that i've been diagnosed with cancer and i don't have much it true?" he asked confused.
"Oh boy!he must be talking about someone else..not you silly!you're still a kiddo to suffer from dump this stupid thing in some pit and give me a smile..i wonder where you get these thing to ponder're the best part of us,and if anyone ever dared to apart us,we'll screw him..right?..hi5 now."she raised her hand to give him hi5.
"promise?" peter asked softly.
"promise!!" ann assured with a smile.
he punched her hand..
"that's like a rockstar thing to do!" ann  spoke and both smiled..she wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes at the comforting feeling.
When she opened them again,peter was missing from her laps.the eerie silence started to haunt her..."I am sorry...please come back..please" sick and torn...she broke down..tears spilled from her eyes again..and finally she started to cry harder.Hurt,sorrow,incompleteness,anger altogether were lined up in her heart..her mind was still craving for his image,and his voice was still hooked up to her senses..but he was GONE to never return.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trapped in shackles of time,
There is nothing that rhyme,
Even when the sunshine hide,
Its the silver lining we confide.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lost in the darkness,
She called her someone own,
The one above with highest powers,
The one who shuffle the cards of fate.
Her wet eyes looked at him with mixed emotions,
Anger,frustration,agony,plea for mercy,
She asked -Ignorance,hatred,loneliness,
Is this what all am i destined for?
With calmness in his eyes,
In his beautiful voice he replied,
"You are one of a kind,
Everything will fall into line,
With the passage of time.
Time does heal all the wounds,
But even time will leave the scars,
And yeah scars are beautiful too,
They remind us how we heal as we endure."

Friday, July 2, 2010

In the faint glimmer of light,
They hold the charisma so tight,
So closely they can be felt,
Goneby with the wax which melt.

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