Thursday, November 17, 2011


Don't know just why people cant live their own lives and let me live mine.

I hate it when the top priority of people's lives become interfering into what I am doing. As in how does it matter to them, and anyways also how does it even effect them even an inch. But no, they have to keep on interfering, poke their nose in my business and go on irritating me. Why..??

Well... to that there can be so many reasons -  They don't have a life. - So, for that, Get A Life... Dude. Coz I have one of my own and I am contented with it, and I don't need or look out for your inputs from time to time. So before I lose my patience better get a life of yours or You'll see a different side, which is not that sweet.

I need to tell this to some people..Argh..!

P.S. Sorry for delaying The butterfly effect part 3..Kind of stuck up in messy schedule these days..will post it soon. :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The butterfly effect -part 2

The chair in front of her moved and a little stranger took her place.
"Is it a butterfly on your hand?" she touched the tattoo inked on her wrist."please"she insisted.
"Yeah,you liked it?" she smiled and asked.
"It is awesome..Please tell my dad to get this done on my hand too.It is so colorful."
"Haha but do you know the pain is unbearable."
"I'm a strong girl you know.I can make my neighbor weep but still i think i might want to have butterfly on my hand when I'll turn 12.I'm in no hurry.Please tell dad to allow me and don't tell him it hurts,he can't see me in pain." she smiled.
"Cool!so when are you turning 12?Your dad loves you a lot."
"Ya he do but i love him more than he love me.My birthday is on 21st feb and I'll be 12 after 3 long years" she flashed her white teeth.
"Lovely!whats your name?" she asked.
"Amy sen and whats yours?"
"Sumedha.." .... at the same moment, the waiter served her order of lemon iced tea.

To be continued...

 Image courtesy : Google Baba :D


Thursday, November 10, 2011

The butterfly effect -part 1

"ugh! this sucks.." she thought to herself, "isn't there a place here, where you can sit, without being probed at like, that's-a-disturbed-girl sitting, all by herself"...well, no there isn't. At least not in this place. She chose Cafe Coffee Day.
"Err why they always have to put up sitting arrangements for two or four..what if a person want to sit alone?"
"One lemon iced tea please",she ordered..
"Anything else ma'am?"
"No thank you."
"It will take 5 minutes ma'am." , The guy added smile and left.
She sat quietly,staring the phone flashing 11 missed calls..waiting for the tea she matter wherever you go,technology never fails to say "I'm always there."As she sat there..she saw several people...some waiting for someone,some friends,one trying to explain other why he want break up,one trying to make other understand why he loves her so much,one newly married family with a baby sitting on table trying to mess with the sandwiches and coke.
She was alone but she liked it that way..she had all her time...avoiding all the questions she didn't wish to answer,all the questions she didn't wish to hear,all the questions she wanted to leave and move on..avoiding all the questions..

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep it simple silly

Why complicate life? 
Miss somebody? Call. 
Wanna meet? Invite. 
Wanna be understood? Explain. 
Have questions? Ask. 
Don't like it? Say it. 
Like it? State it. 
Want something? Ask for it.
If you already have the 'no', take the risk of getting the 'yes'.. 
We just have one life.. Keep it simple because sometimes things are not so complicated   :)
*★.• The moment you get attached to things you screw it up! The challenge of life is to appreciate everything and attach yourself to nothing. *★.•
This blog is my private territory.The content posted here do not represent your life or perspective- just mine.Your disagreement, irritation at any content posted over this blog doesn't give ample ground for you to post nasty,bitchy messages/comments.Furthermore I'm free to post anything i pleases to, which is not under any copyright restrictions,so you can't squeal until it's your own stuff.