Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And why he couldn't stick to his promises

She became permeable when she allowed him to enter in her heart and he consumed her more than what she was willing relinquish.Days passed, The scenerio continued.He came home on saturday night after his one month tour and found a note.A note telling that she had left.For next few days he stayed at home, thought of moment to pinpoint when he could look back at that moment and say, this is it.This is when it happened.That was the life-altering moment. But, sadly there was no moment which defined falling out love for her.Rather it was in a series of little things.She had given warnings before but he ignored.It was when he always chose an easy way out.It was when he decided not to deal with the  issues.It was when he took her for granted.It was when she made him his favorite dish and he ordered from outside.It was when he came home drunk on the anniversary night while she waited dressed up like they are meeting for the first time.It was when he started complaining about her habits he didn't like which he used to ignore.It was when the office work was more important than her appointment with doctor.It was when she celebrated her birthday alone because he had to attend his friend's bachelor party.It was when he started telling lies for the other girls.It was when he craved for someone more beautiful.It was when she was coughing, or with an excruciatingly painful migraine he left because he had a date.The patterns which he drew for himself mislead him, Engulfed him in such a manner that there was no path left for returning.The promises which he once made to tie up the two souls into one, He slowly and steadily cut it all.He kept pushing the limits and crossing the boundaries.Now When she is gone and the million questions wander in the empty house, It makes him guilty.Guilty for the things he shouldn't have done.Guilty for forgetting all the promises he weaved with the trust she had in him.In beginning it was merely by chance which he covered from apologies but later it became a habit for which he didn't feel need to justify.

When two people are deeply in love, they promise each other the moon and the stars, but once the veil of adoration starts to lift itself, this love can become a sad,toxic version of itself.It is more like the music and its swirl of magic. Lyrics so perfect, skin breaks into goosebumps. Just when you're giving in to the slow soothing melody, the hard rock beats kicks in. Your head swirls into a mad frenzy, swing, passionate, Acoustics levels And finally the beats knock in, exploding a shimmer of joy inside you. An overwhelmed spell is cast. Ecstasy opens its wings wide and makes you fly and then after sometime the intoxicating trance of mirth engulfs you and you're left with wanting always more.

Perhaps its all because of the choices that life offers.It is strange how time changes you, your priorities, preferences and people you care about.Sometimes sorry can make it all.It's that magic word that make all the wrongs right.It gives chances to start the new beginning, Chances to make life better in some way or another.But sometimes when it goes beyond limit, Even sorry fail to mend the pieces of broken trust.Men is creation of needs and when he gets better, he tends to look for best possible things. It is seldom the mistake but the repetitiveness of the same mistake that raises the concern.At the end of the day words play an important role, If there is something promised to be done, Take a note that it possess the faith which could be bad if not kept.
*★.• The moment you get attached to things you screw it up! The challenge of life is to appreciate everything and attach yourself to nothing. *★.•
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