Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s like the last post of the month I’m writing on blogspot, sitting on this hard plastic chair in front of this pc screen.
Unfortunately the exams are knocking on the door and yes,I have to do everything at last moment only.
You can't expect me to fail in the exams right??they will kill me. my moods all cranky.look i'm even getting breakouts agrhhhh or agrhhh or agrhhgaah whatever..anyone giving me a free vacation to the hill station?please say yes and i'll certainly settle there until the exams get over.Oh how badly i wish it could be possible. :( :D But there is still a 5% chances i would keep updating the blog once or twice in 2 weeks.
Pray for me to cut nice marks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

There is no script for real world,
Sometimes paths seem to have no ending,
Sometimes as faint as deepest sleeper's breath,
An echo come as cold as death,
No voices,no silent screams,
Just a sigh profound.
We all have our own time,
We can't fast forward life,
We can't turn back the hands of time,
We long to live moments rest ahead,
We timely assure to spark the flame within us,
Because we always learn to get up after falling.
What is meant to be will be,
There is no reason to give up on everything,
Isolating from family and abandoning the friends won't help even,
Leave the gasping for air and nothing seems fair agenda behind,
Some dreams are born dead and some are brutally killed is a beautiful consolation statement ever made,
Because when everything aches,you gotta move on;life goes on..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

There are people around us,who timely keep assuring us how much they like us and how ridiculous their life would turn without us.But is it as reliable and as easy to digest as cakes piece?as far as my perception is concerned,i guess its only the change which is permanent and it is seriously being stupid to stay confident when someone tells they like you,though it is one of the best feel,because the question which arises is,"Until when"?Just like seasons,feelings change and so does the people.Be it temporarily or permanently,it completely depends on person to person.Yes,everyone is selfish.I include myself too.we usually tend to change our behavior when we see the other person is cannot plan for others and others don't necessarily fall into your plan either and that's alright.At the end,time let you know who stays and who don't because as the life moves on,the better shall come and the memories of old good friends are cherished. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

May be deep inside she just want to be alone

The music was aloud and the room was filled with the high spirits , everyone was dancing on the floor enjoying the ample amount of smoke and alcohol.The wall was filled with colorful hand prints of the youngsters.There were little blue and red lights, making a mysteriously bright atmosphere.It wasn't like kim was there for the first time.In fact it was something which was now a part of her life,The one thing that completed her day.But today wasn't one among those days when she was in mood to party,dancing has always been her passion though.Million stories in seven days.plethora of  things  were going into her grain sized brain.Despite of numerous attempts to settle down in the surrounding ,she faced continuous failures.She sneaked out from there and started  to walk slowly on the city street,after a while without giving any second thought she sat on the side of road trying to collect her scattered thoughts at one place,taking control from filthy chit chatter and sack a shit people. This is she  trying to take back control of her life once again but may be deep inside she just want to be alone this time.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

No more teardrops wait for a knock on the door,
Emotions veiled in darkness on the shore,
I lost my pride i lost my glow,
For me the sun rising is still most awaited show.

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