Monday, October 24, 2011

Friend or soul sister?

You know how you look back on life and certain memories are more Technicolor than the others?
We thought life will happen once the boards are over. We thought we'll have more time than ever. We thought let's get rid of the work load, then we'll have time.
What we didn't realize was that it was happening even then. Life was happening even then. It still is. For always being there. For the million or so private jokes that we share, some of which have built up over the years, more which lay forgotten in some corner of our oh-so-occupied-with-everything minds. This is to her for finding me funny, when no one else did. For sharing the same sense of humour, tolerating all my mood swings. This is to her because no one else I know thinks I'm good the way i am than she do, for understanding I'm upset when I'm cold, for not leaving me when you most wanted to, for holding on when I most wanted to. This is to her for understanding that when I go quiet I sleep.We've had those huge, not-talking-for-months fights. But always, always, when it comes down to being there, everything else aside, we're there for each other.Don't remember the exact one year which cemented to grow to be an extremely strong friendship, that nothing would break.Since school got over, it's got harder to spend time together.But it never makes a difference. I could be with a hundred new people, do things she doesn't get at all, be a part of field that's alien to her, but when I'm back with her and we're being us again, its like coming home.
How do you explain friends like her? She's just that girl, who'll dance at my wedding,play with my babies, and tell them stories of the bad things their Mom did. 

 It was her B'day on 21st oct. :)

I made this card which later needed a big correction when i found out at 12, she is turning 21 not 20.OOpps..Replaced the 20 with 21st before giving! :D 

It's been seven years to our friendship. :) 
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