Monday, August 31, 2009

Why i started writing? :O

Somebody asked me what inspires me to write. I really don't know the exact answer for that. I don't know why I started writing. I don't even remember when i started 'writing' . I've been doing it, in bits and pieces though, since really long,never maintained a diary sort of thing ever.But all I know , is that I get a smile on my face when I write..feeling relaxed. :) i don't aim any place among poets,o' the authors because i don't write amazing,i just scribble few things,which somehow many times turns into a material to read,i do it because i enjoy it.:) i like playing with words,though not good enough at it,but browsing out words,using them,enriching the vocabulary... its fun :) ;) its like a thought strike to your mind and you pen down the words,and it turns into poetry,by doing bit of editing afterwards lolz
its like a great stress buster,amazing way to get rid of loneliness,make feels serene,when darkness surrounds,boredom and tiredness tries to engulfes..o' when too much happiness is around. ;)


adreamygal said...

Rightly said Sunakshi :)The joy of writing , even though you may not be expert in weaving words , is endless . The feeling of expression with even simple words , is great . I am just like you , not great with penning down words , but just bringing and experiencing the game of words :)

ambika said...

i helps to pen down ur feelings,burden into words which seems lyk a poem or an article to ppl bt actualli its d feelings f d writer......

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