Thursday, March 4, 2010

Super nice surprise.

While going through my older posts i found this one in draft section.i might have forgotten to complete it.i received cute awards from my favorite blogger mates in Jan. :)  

from ayu


from ayu and shriti

and today,


from shriti again.

Sorry for not following the rules coz i don't have plenty of time to work upon them and posting it so late.i hope you won't mind.i am publishing this post to thank two of you .thank you so much..i've also disabled the comments for this post because its not complete without the rules.  :)


P.S - my exam got postponed today :( i don't want any of my exam to get postpone anymore.not because i am done with the preparation but i want these exams to end up soon.i have to prepare for my foundation exam too which are supposed to happen in june.wish me luck   :[

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