Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wish someone had told me when i was eighTEEN

Two and half years ago.
I Passed my high school.                                
But had no clue what to do with my life. 
I asked my family , they said do what you want to do. Thank you,what a suggestion!
I asked my friends , They said they will pursue whatever they'll be comfortable with. Hmph..
I asked my neighbor , They said they are done with their college life and still wander aimlessly. Awesome, chill raho ..aish karo! 

Even though I love creative field,I was sure that my parents won't find it worth enough to join.
They do consider it as a total shit!
And thus,i had no option other than going with flow.
Running for checking out various professional courses which a commercian can deal with and i managed to choose one.
At times I don't feel satisfied with what I am doing But still I guess i made a good choice.Let's see what future hold anyway.

But still there are certain things which i realize now and wish someone had told me while i was struggling to made a crucial decision of my life.

Here the list is Oh please don't give me that , OWTF !*one more list* look :P
  • Invest sometime in yourself. - This certainly can change the entire personality Believe me If you know yourself , you can deal with anything.
  • Accept and embrace change - Because change is inevitable.Be it bad o' good.It totally depends on your perception.
  • Live a comfortable life, not a wasteful one.Do not spend to impress others.
  • Do your best in what you do-No matter what your result is then.You will be having peace within your grain sized brain that at least you did your best.
  • You may not get what you always want but its Okay to not to have somethings because there must be something better waiting for you which you may realize later.
  • Don’t regret any of your decision.It just makes your present dead and ruins future. 
  • Natural human fears of failure and embarrassment will sometimes stop you from trying new things but the only thing we fear is fear..
Chalo,enough of gyaan (pack up)  xP I wrote this because may be because when time seems tough i make a note of these points to remember..based on experiences :)

By the way its been 3 days and i don't know why i strongly feel  like having momo's and garlic bread.anyone wanna join? hehe

That's all for today,
LOve xD


Freelancer said...

been nodding to all the points and then i came across the line that says momos and garlic breads...oh dear lord, my two most favorite food items...

garlic bread, am missing a bit...but momos toh happening daily :D

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Yess there are many things I wish I'd known at eighteen but life is an experience and we learn by those expereiences be it good or bad.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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Muhammad Israr said...

Lolz...yes when u ask people either they give an endless list or simply say do watevr u u put it nicely...and I strongly believe one must chose a field of interest no matter what..its better to spend 4 years doing what u want...:-)

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

awwww the pic below the post is soo cute
and the post obviously speaks your heart lungs kidney everything out
that list :P thats exactly what career counsellors give :X
nice one
keep writing

MAHNOOR said...

do whatever u feel like doing, trust me. or else you drag your butt through your uni life everywhere with the feeling, WHAT IF.

x x =)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Had somebody given you all this gyan when you were eightTEEN, I am sure you'd have just laughed it off, or given a smug expression and ignored it.

Now you know, mitigate :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

RicAdeMus said...

You didn't ask me! =)

Red Handed said...

I cudnt agree more to the points in this post!LOved it! sorry for being late to comment!

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