Thursday, May 30, 2013

Echoes of life

A carnival of grins,
Hazed with smoke of sorrows and cries,
It seems like yesterday i insisted to get me a  fresh black rose,
Who knew the chapter would close.
O' silly heart, Didn't you know?
Sometimes the feelings are not supposed to grow,
Brain is still grain sized,
Who's going to pay for this demise?
Bright colors merge in black & white,
Nobody to care anymore in sight,
Bleeding of acidic dreams,
Hidden love story time has weaved. 
A shadow long for its existence,
Words play in the puzzled picture of silence,
Someday I would forgive you,
Till then I would manicure the pebbles in morning blues.
The moments though still live within,
Sleep, Memories of him it brings,
Hope, Living dead inside,
Now countless stories is what you will hide.


Raajii said...

The last stanza was close to home for me :-).

Rahul Bhatia said...

That was quite a rhyme, Sunakshi! Nice to see you back again!

Radhika Mehta said...

ouch..that hurt :(

Close to my heart.this poem <3

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