Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Just Emotions Taking Me Over

Mitti jaise sapne ye,
Kitna bhi palko se, jhaado;
Phir aa jaate hain…
Itne saare sapne
Kya kahoon kis tarah se maine
Tode hain chhode hain kyun
Phir saath chale,
Mujhe leke yeh udhe hai… kyun

Dreams are like the dust,
How much ever I dust them from my eyes
They once again return…
So many of my dreams,
What can I say, I have,
Shattered and left behind… Why?
Yet they walk beside me,
They give me flight… Why?

...And in the end my sleepless eyes are busy dreaming.But then again, I dream of nothing. I stay awake at nights, holding my hands against my weak, weak heart who's afraid of weaving castle of so called deserving life.


Pranabananda Jena said...

A beautiful piece indeed. :-) loved it.

Kalyan P said...

lovely words...beautiful lines!

Erik said...

Very creative first lines. I love the unique idea, how some dreams simply are a part of us.

Sunakshi said...

Thank you xD

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