Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like the ink stains that cannot be removed,
The untamed magic of love can never be erased,
When one is marked with it,
Never it gives a reason to forget. 


ambika said...

true........ gud1.. :)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Those few words are so very true,
Thanks for sharing,


DiDo said...

nice sunakz

tristarfivestar said...

WOW short and sweet. and it says ALOT! and alot to think about!

Pria said...

i guess truu.. :)

rainboy said...

nice and true ... love never leaves you...people you love change.



The simplicity of each word says it all... a most fascinatin' read my friend... would love to read more when i come back... just so busy this past days and even today... but will surely come again later... thanks!!!:)

Take care!!!:)


Angel :) said...

True. And the image just adds to the beauty of the post!

MinnieRunner said...

Reminds me of Jacob Black and the seal.

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