Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The butterfly effect- part 4

The Intensity of fear slackened but it was just a postponement and she sat frozen watching him with dilated pupil from the corner of her eye as he passed by her side while moving towards Amy.
"Dada,You were on phone and i was getting bored so i came here to see didi's tattoo.She has butterfly on her wrist,How cool is it na?" she pointed towards sumedha's tattoo.
His smile flickered when he saw sumedha.Her white skin and hazel eyes perfectly suited her brown blunt cut hairs.He stared her blankly while the words started floating in his mind like stones crashing through layers of understanding the fact that they can't be together again.The struggle which held both of them for years and the pain which they suffered couldn't be described.
"Hello,Sumedha" he said.
She looked back at him but not quite meeting his eyes.."Hi" she smiled.
It broke the silence which seemed to have lasted from decades.Few minutes almost felt like ages.It was as if the cold disappeared for sometime.
 "Do you know her?how?" Amy interrupted with curiosity.
"Well were friends in school"
"You mean she is your childhood friend?"
"Yes.You got it right.We were childhood friends" He smiled.

To be continued..

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♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Finally a continuation :)
Waiting for the next part :)

kinara said...

*Eager for the next!
Why don't you publish all of 'em together? :D :D *

Sunakshi said...

Philo- Yes,the wait will end in next part. :)

Kinara-Haha,Don't get time to write all together.It takes time to cultivate excellence :D

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