Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heirs of Catriona - Anusha Subramanian

Author : Anusha Subramanian
Genre : Fiction
Rating : 4.5/5

About the Author:
Anusha Subramanian, at the age of 12 (yes just 12 and she got published), is India’s youngest published author and daughter of Ravi Subramanian, who authored best-selling corporate thrillers like ‘The Bankster’.

The Cover:
It says clearly that the story circles around two girls fighting their way in the Mythological magical realm.Apart from the two heroines the one character that got my attention was the  evil loki (The name is cute, Hahaha). Full of magic creatures the cover truly justifies the story.

The Story:
Being a mythological story, the story is about the deep rooted love for family, The story is somewhat like remains of Percy Jackson, Snowwhite and The Chronicles of Narnia. It comes very close to them but yet differs. A fantasy filled with humor, emotions, mythological villains and heroes. The whole book is about how the two teenagers, Sara and Crystal, who are best friends, ordinary college going girls living as orphans. One fine day come to know from an old man that they are the princesses and rightful heir of the magical land of ‘Catriona’ and that their mothers Anastasia and Olivia are alive but, held prisoner under the spells of Merissa, an evil witch queen.Sara and Crystal go on a quest to find a moon-wand to defeat ‘Merissa’ and the evils sent by her like ‘Loki’ to free their mothers.

Personally, I find the book mediocre but Anusha has done a great job of imagining, writing a 190 page story and getting it published, considering her age.For kids it is treat to read because the fictional characters and simple language of book are capable of creating whole new world.But if you're going to read it keeping those heavy words and lovey dovey stuff expectation aside, I bet you too will certainly love it.I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I swear the next part is much awaited.

I would like to thank Yatin gupta and Ravi Subramanian for providing me the opportunity to read this novel.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Rupa Publications
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
Pages : 190

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