Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why blog

I used to have strong urge to write a journal, when in school, but I did not for the fear of parents reading it. When I went to college, I realized my newly found freedom and  later on, discovered blogging. I think, it all had started in school but took a better shape when I joined Distance learning after school.I Didn't switch blogs, I used to write really dark English poems with super awesome grammatical mistakes for which any poet will definitely dig a grave and drag me into it without taking a second, sad to death.Then I started writing on life updates, short stories, some happy blogging happened, and then a break.It wasn’t regular, it became too personal too. I went through some really odd phase however those blog posts are still safe with me.I realized what I wanted. And hence The Pearl in darkness happened.

I write because that is who I am, that is why I live, if I do not, I may die because of the non-stop conversations that I have with myself. I have this constant urge to talk, to express but not everyone has time to listen to me! If at all, the world listened to me, it would have been a peaceful place by now.The only option I am left with is penning down what I think of. I like to maintain a journal, but I pour down my heart.Earlier I had this strong urge of not letting anyone know about my blog but then later it didn't matter to me how people judge my posts.This is my place, this is a part of me which I am nurturing for the dreams I have had for a decade now.

Don’t you ever want to get lost in dark snowy forest of Oaks, Beeches and Pines?
Well, I want and this dream ends up with horns of rickshaws and autos.

And now when I have got my computer fixed I expect to be regular.

A Big Thank you for staying here and adding glitter to my pearls.


Rahul Bhatia said...

Keep writing:)

Shrutiii said...

Writing does give peace for chatter boxes like you and me :-P

Sunakshi said...

Rahu bhatia :)

Shruti Hahaha well said ;)

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