Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I am officially proud to say that I finally crossed something on my bucket list!! 
Ok, to be honest I haven't checked it in forever so I do not really remember what is on this said list, but I do know that getting a tattoo was one of them, and BAMN!After taking ages to decide I got a text Rise teamed up with an abstract bird on right side of wrist on 11th August, '13 as a self gift on 22nd birthday Yes 25th july waved its wand and i turned 22 & to my surprise It didn't hurt all that bad.Some liked some didn't but what matters is i loved it. ^o^

It's true what they say, once you get one, you're going to go back for more.Though there are no plans for second one yet.


I HEARD YOU said...

Wow ! Wow ! You really are a bold girl :)

anitaexplorer said...

One brave act!
I am never gonna go for it!
But, never say never!!! :)

anuymous dev said...

Wuhuu.This is smashing!!Though am sucker for tattoos,but could not able to get one yet...Needles,am darn scared of these monsters.

Way to go girl!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Okay, now flap it around, let's see if that wing works :P

Sunakshi said...

I heard you Hahaha Thanks. xD

Anita yeah.Never say never *smiles*

anuymous dev Trust me it doesn't hurt that bad.Thank you :)

Anshul Hahaha Let's see.Thanks xD

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