Tuesday, August 6, 2013

False Hopes: The Busiest Year Ahead.

Time has sped by us once again. I look back on the night of December 31, 2012 and see myself gulping down an enormous bowl of ice cream with handful of uncle chips, Eyes on Immortal of meluha and brain relaxing on the bed of 90's songs. I was quite eager for the year to start, made a couple of life-changing resolutions and same old promises to tame the bulges which obviously had to fail.

From that night to this night it has been same old me, except an year older, Yes july waved its wand and i turned 22 finally and wiser and no longer much of a hopelessly optimistic idealist. However, still an idealist, I can never be a realist. It was going on well till it came crashing down and Fiiiissssh! It was like 'On your face, girl!'  Thank you very much indeed.

Since I always seem to contradict them, there's no harm in making some resolutions for the remaining 2013.Hopeless cases xD

August : Delete facebook account and get some life. xD *Done already, I hope i don't feel like reactivating it and pouring the shit every now and then*
September : Break up with my obsession on friendly terms.Yes, That has to be food.The tyres need to get a puncture xD
October : Find some bodies to hide. Who should I kill next? Hmm. 
November : |/*^_^|/* Attend any cool event.
December : Don't look back.Drop the shit behind and Just run forward.

*I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good*

What about you?Pour in your life updates or resolutions for few months which are left because after December we'll bid 2013 An amazing Good Bye *Dances*

This is the mid night post from nocturnal zone *3:30 AM and No sign of sleep* ..Signing off, hoping to update you next week...Oh wait!I forgot to mention I won a runner-up prize for the 'WeChat' contest held by Indiblogger. *Awesomeness* xD

Shubh Raatri, Shabba khair, Good night xD


I Romanticize said...

You deactivated facebook? No wonder I havent seen you on my photography page. Sigh :-)

Hope you are able to pull through the rest of your resolutions :-)

Pria said...

Haha resolutions are always good as long as we fail ;)
And yes at any time, just leave the shit behind and run forward :)

anitaexplorer said...

First, Congrats for winning a runner-up prize for the 'WeChat' contest held by Indiblogger! Truly- *Awesomeness* :)

Insomnia is explanatory coz we have the burden of resolutions! May God give us the power to carry them out!

I HEARD YOU said...

Hi there! I am first time on your blog and it's so good. And nocturnal? looks like we have a lot in common! :D
And deleted fb profile? Bold!

Sunakshi said...

Raaji I have already broken 1st.You'll have your top commentor back LOL

Pria I agree xD

Anita Thank You so much :)

I heard you Welcome..Haha that's right.Hope to see you around. :)

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