Thursday, January 9, 2014

Take me ashore

His thoughts are like pack of cards, Life shuffles the deck and distributes, Few becomes his and rest of others, He play his hoping you will reflect them.That's what Vittaldas prabhu 's  How I Wonder convey, Blogger friend since 2009.This is a brand new guest post once again from one of my favorite blogger who is caught up in life cobwebs to visit the blogger lanes. Yay!Who knew facebook would be this kind.After constant laziness i gathered the strength to flaunt this lovely piece which vittal has allowed to share.This poem is dedicated to his soul mate, Kathy, on completion of 6 years. *P.S. My future husband please take a note to write one for me like this* 

Here it is.. xD 

I have set sail to land unseen
Starry eyed; but haven't been
Able to find the land of green
All I see? The ocean obscene

An intervention is what I seek
This journey makes me weak
I fear the Ship will creak and leak
Shoring I need, in this losing streak

In the distance is the horizon blue
Now paints an unusual hue
Is it something? Cryptic clue?
Jigsaw pieces I need to sew?

This fantasy appears crystal clear
Can't say from real and surreal
"Is it land?" Excited, I squeal
Misguiding, this nature's mural

What if it is not there? I fear
East Indian Wedding Couple Holding HandsFearsome storm to hit, I hear
The hull will hold, I hear them cheer
"Before the woman's wrath?" I silently jeer 

She has come. Hits us with waves tall
It is certain that I'm meant to fall
Panic strikes; Pushed against the wall
To stand again. I pray and haul
With the masses, I join to hope
"Me" and "I" no more the scope
Time to enrich and not to mope
The joy of being; to this truth, I awoke

Dawn breaks, storm settled, we still sail
Shore approaches, great stories entail
I see birds in the sky, "Oh, swell"
But, how long's their flight? Time will tell

What really awaits? What's to explore?
I don't know; "Do me good" I implore
Thirst's unquenced and heart is sore
But first, I ask "Take me ashore"

And I simply move on with the journey still
Thinking. Imagining. There won't be time to kill
Anxious. What's in the farms that I will till?
It is said. "There is way where there's will"

Thirst's unquenched and heart is sore
Storm will hit again and darkness will soar
But, before that, take me ashore
Take me ashore. Take me ashore

Best wishes to you both, May the love you share lasts till the eternity, As you make a wonderful pair. *fireworks* xD

Thanks a ton Vittal for beautiful guest post. :)

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'Beautiful' as I would call it, keeping it simple, yet nothing less. That's off to Vittal, my brother, as he continues to amaze me.

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