Friday, February 14, 2014

Randomly life

I've abandoned this blog and adopted reading books instead.Somewhere between scribbling the ramblings of an insomniac to shutting the doors for over thinking by picking up books, I grew up.I cannot decide if I'm still happy or I'm just not sad.Let it be..If you want to read, go on. But this person has changed, for good.

Waking up from a nightmare and seeing the clear sunshine fairies swirling around isn't something uber cute thing to witness.Well It has been monthly issue.To my surprise it doesn't scare me anymore.Some things go extremely bad and oddness fills mind webs decorating it with dash of emotions, We're all humans after all.The rain of broken wishes, the murky feelings.But look at me, I still have hope, Amidst the chaos of mind, may be someday a new staircase of dreams will be weaved..may be someday I would be able to speak louder the words i end up mumbling, For I've refused to be the one crying multiple shades of grey throwing the "Why me?" shit.There's nothing to run after. Everything I need is with me, and everything I have to get, is on its way.Sometimes, your heart convinces you to do things you despise off yet you do it and find happiness that lasts beyond moments.It is the death of our hearts that we must fear, as that is by choice. The death of our bodies is inevitable.Bad things happen, no one said life would be easy, yet out of hardship rises a soul destined to reach the stars above.

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