Thursday, September 10, 2009


A friend is the one who holds your hand when everyone is against you,giving you the most hilarious consolation,though knows its lame but good enough to bring back the lost smile for a while.  ^ . ^ 

They who know who i am,

They know the problems i've been dealt,                      

They promise to stay for long,
They are the ones i care for.
They know my weakness,
They know my strengths,
They take me as what i am,
They are the best part of me,
They are my friends. :)

Even though they are far away,they are always remembered,loved and cared..

I miss them,i feel lonely sometimes.... *sigh* !



Anoop said...

i liked this one... really!

keep writin...i ll keep readin.. :D

Sunakshi said...

Thank you :)

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