Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If i die today..

If i die today,
will anyone cry?
If i die today,
will anyone pray?
If i die today,
will anyone never sleep at night?
If i die today,
will everyone ever hold a smile?
If i die today,
the sun would set and rise as the way it do.
If i die today,
for only few days there'll be gloom.
If i die today,
the beauty of nature will remain the same.
If i die today,
everything will get fix one day again.


Faiz said...

who the singer..?

ambika said...

hmmm.s always ur d bst........

Sunakshi said...

Faiz-no one is da singer hea :P

ambi-thanxx yr :)

anki said...

yaar main tujhse kitni baar keh chuka hun ki yeh marne wali baatein mat kiya kar....i hate them alll when it came 2 some1 like u........samjhi...waise dis is nice

Sunakshi said...


latest clone said...

u,,can i copy this in my blog?
i love it..
but if can't is ok..
keep in touch..=)

Sunakshi said...

latest clone-yep you can,but don't forget to put up my blog link out there.i don't want to share the credit anyway :P lol

Anonymous said...

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