Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Essence of loneliness..

 I don't want the lavished cars to travel in,
I want no stars in my hands.
I don't want all happiness of world for me,
I want no place among the celebrities.
I barely want all to care for me,
I got no desire of being the richest.
Stability is what all i want,
Serenity is what i wish for.
Chaos leads question to my sanity,
 melancholy engulfs me gently.
Rejected by all,
Subjected to death.

Darkness is what i am,
Light is what i signify.
I am headed towards the zenith,
With the numerous hopes and faith.
I will laugh loudly all the way,
Even if my smile would be broken.


Anoop said...

y dont u give a title for the poem??

Ravindra Merthi said...

last two lines are beautiful
showing long lasting endurance.

Sunakshi said...

anoop-um m thinking the title,will give one to it very soon.

ravindra merthi-thanx :)

Anoop said...

u hav been awarded... :D

DiDo said...

first time here....Completely impressed..!! way to go..just loved it :) read all ur poems...u r just amazing with words..keep up the good work girl :)

Sunakshi said...

anoop n dido-thank you so much :)

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