Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Topped with generous dose of life

While I have my coke, I will scribble down something..
People who think too much are the ones who get hurt the most. My sense of thought seems to have fallen out of the window, the very reason I'm not able to write much these days. Its easy to lie to others and get away, but when you have to face the truth within yourself its nothing short of hell. I keep telling myself that I have everything I need in life and my life's beautiful.Life is a bitch! and it bites badly at times.. But then we get over it, trust the rule...
And yeah lies, they always creep in on us, always lurking, seeking for a chance to take over our superego... but then some lies are worth the trouble, never regret, because what happened was what was supposed to be.. that's how I see my reflection....
Yes people often judge us cause of our past deeds and set up their tags based on it. They aren't worth our time. You know who you are, and you know about what wrong you have done.
I realized some things about myself some days back. Just a few months back, things were so different and suddenly I look at it and feel glad.Change, is not always bad after all :)


Ashish Kumar Srivastava said...

let people judge, be yourself and keep smiling sunakshi ('khaali brain') :)

Raajii said...

Sigh - you are not alone Sunakshi, you really aren't.

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