Sunday, October 27, 2013

To you. yes You!

I have often thought,
That you, me, all of us are mirrors,
we see only ourselves in all,
I am not there still I am..

We all seek to find ourselves in others. We justify our deeds, by finding the same in others.If nothing helps, we argue.You're entirely a different person and so I am, unique in some way or another.Still we chase and compare and so the society does.Strange how running your own race becomes difficult when it should be at utmost priority.If others are going ahead of us, jealously bottle up to such extent that we tend to cut down the connections and vice versa tagging it with label called "Life happened" . Deep inside we know it's always better to be original version instead of mocking down the reality, still it is surprising how often we lose the track.

Let's be honest to ourselves this time.Our existence is much more vibrant than just running after something which is beyond our reach.If you disagree then prove me wrong.Till then please mind your own damn business and let me carry on with mine.


Soumya said...

Everyone is unique. Everyone is different. Everyone should mind their own business and let the others live.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So easy to think and realize, as easy to forget and rediscover. In between these forgetful fits, life happens (much in unison and also contradiction of what you said) :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

Red Handed said...

Ahem!! That was short and blunt. It was like a dissection of the human race. And yes we tend to justify our acts by expecting a certain behaviour from others. We forget that they r not us.

Sunakshi said...

Soumya There you said it all in one line. :)

Anshul bahar aagayi :P

Red handed Hahaha Yes.

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