Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Words I shall burst.

The last time i saw him was in November, 2010.He was there in hospital assuring he will be fine soon and asking me to make a promise to return on weekend.Yes i did return on Saturday, Though i didn't get a chance to see him ever again.I just saw a glimpse of his face while they were preparing to take him away.He didn't give me a chance to cry.Nor i tried letting it out for i hated the sympathy which world shower for no reason.Devastated we still are, The loss is beyond words.The sadness, guilt, apologies, Nothing really matters.It's all done now. I too somewhere died then. Perhaps this is death of loved ones do to us.They take away a part of us with them.I Unfortunately he is now more clever than before.He can see everything from above.Ha, you still cannot get mad at me right, For I have been your favorite and you cannot deny this.


Soumya said...

Hmmm... Brings back memories.

He did not die, he still lives. Far away from me. But the connection still remains.

I totally understand this.

Take care.

Rahul Bhatia said...

It is difficult to fill the void created but with time the wounds heal and it hurts less!

Sunakshi said...

Soumya :)

Rahul True to some extent.

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