Friday, March 14, 2014

And It's a NO for an answer

I've been told infinite times that I don't work hard for my dreams.I smile.I don't give a shit.I do my thing.May be they are right, may be they are not.Giving up has never been a trait which suits nor the life takes no for an answer.I was a bit upset.A thought I personally go by always is “Be the change you want to see” Like my tongue which flies around irrespective of authority, my hands too have a mind of their own.Hence the blog happened and so this post.What is the earliest memory you have of your childhood ? honestly, I always had a peanut size brain, so I can't boast much of memories but looking back I'm contended with the quality of life which i have lived.Not very often you've this luxury of having whatever you need instead of whatever you want and this is how we learnt saying “a young lady should always remember what family she belongs to." This is how i managed high school, distance learning, living in a different city sticking to own set of values, working part time.I realized how many times I might have hurt you, made you cry, took away your sleep at night, got you anxious, disappointed you and got you embarrassed. But Ma you are the best thing in my life and no matter how much people would say I look like you, my best compliment is when they tell me I am just like you despite of all the differences.I love your simplicity, i love the way you look so aghast when i get you an expensive gift, i love the way you smile with pride when i refuse to take favours from others, i love your shocked look when we go out dining at some fancy place and you see the price on the menu, the way you insist you don't need any more sarees and fancy footwear, the way you lovingly make our favorite dish and have that content smile, the way you try to understand the struggles and take a defense whenever someone points out our flaws and make conversation, the way you keep telling younger one to learn..i could go on forever Ma.I may not have flawless complexion and skill sets to quench but then at the end of the day I'd still be your one insane daughter you could laugh at infinite times.


Mirchi Laddoo said...

You make your mother proud too. She is smiling when she hears your daughter is like you. She knows she has done her job well.

Much love to both of you :)

Sunakshi said...

@Mirchi I'm clueless about it.Thanks anyway :)

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