Monday, March 10, 2014

In the end

Irrationality is actually my favorite of all because it makes one true to themselves and isn't it what is of utmost priority?Peace only.You are free to pursue what you believe in without having burden to prove anything to any four random people which are often dragged in conversation else the bubbles burst and reek foul smell of envy pouring the enormous poison rotting every bit slowly and steadily and like a coward one keeps living under dark clouds whining about the bad weather staring into blank walls and feel the purposelessness of life so intensely.This doesn't make any sense.Not at all.Not to me at least.I believe in seeking a path of faith to enlightenment of the Truth.If there is a mountain that can’t be climbed, know that the mountain doesn’t exist.Because when you die, you would be able to say that your life hasn’t gone to waste and you are not going away without doing anything for yourself.

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