Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And the goat is getting hooked up with sheep..who cares?

I personally don't like attending weddings.Here it is more like a formality where more than forty percent people are not aware who's the poor one who's getting hooked up with someone for rest of life and nobody is concerned to give shit to it either.Seriously this happens.I'm alive example of one of those falling under forty percent.I remember when we were about to leave from last wedding i attended mom happily said Sonal was looking gorgeous na and I without any second thought replied oh so the bride's name is sonal.I realized the aunty standing behind mom  was staring me as if she saw an alien in the party.
Anyway let's get back to what i was saying, food variety is something which is the main reason why they actually choose to be guest and the second is the obligation to deal with society.I basically have no interest in appearing for the second reason,so i once in a blue moon manage to go with first one when mom throw her emotional sypaape(tantrums)..
Usually i make sure to see some cousin,you know how boring it can be otherwise.I guess most of you will agree with me if i say it is also one of the popular spot where parents try to dig perfect match for their grown up kids to ruin their bachelors life forever.The venue seem to be like a stock market where relatives act as brokers who put their best possible efforts to fix the relations out of nowhere.believe me you get to see atleast five such worried parents and curious relatives.I encountered one such in the last wedding i went in..I overheard the conversation because i was getting went like this..
Worried mom - Yeah we are also looking match for xyz(who cares to remember the name, bad at it.)
Typical relative - You know my blah blah blah's son is in us and earning one lakh per month.He's handsome too and your xyz isn't no less gorgeous.She know all household work...blah blah blah..if you permit,I can talk to his family.
Worried mom - I will ask her daddy regarding this and will let you know as soon as possible.
Typical relative - Arre make sure you think about it before its too late.You know how difficult it is to get great match these days.They won't ask for dowry too,No demands.This type of family is too rare...blah blah..!
And rest including the one for whom proposals are flooding is in busy in hogging all the varieties of food and scattering gossips unaware of secret plannings going around..
So this happens only in India...(Phew I'm too young to be included in this conversation and can live my life happily without any tension for six long years.) *wink*


sumukh bansal said...

all i can say is that things are changing fast...:)
nice read.

Soumya said...

Hahaha, weddings are always a comical drama. Always. Unless it is your own ofcourse ;)

Manju Modiyani said...

Hehehehe! Ditto!
I hate attending weddings too...wanna know the reason???
That's coz I;m already 22 and a half!

Check this out...

you will come to know abt the advanced version of atyachaar!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Sunakshi a great power of observation and penning them! Enjoyed this read, thoroughly:)

I do, I do. said...

Yes, it does happen only here in India! But I'm still glad somewhere its being avoided. :)

Gowrav Shenoy said...

Haha.. Nicely written :)

Ricademus said...

LOL, some people in th eUS try to play matchmaker, but not in that same way.

I'm happy to not be invited to weddings. =)

Ricademus said...

PS - I used to think Nashe was a girl, but now I worry she might be the super-computer that controls reality.

Sunakshi said...

Thank you everyone for reading. :)

paayal sharma said...

chhutki u ryt very very very gooooooooooood n all art n passion fa writing shows tht hw gud n creative u r sweety :) keep writing n move on n on :) hugssss super *likes* :))

Sunakshi said...

Payal Thanks re! :D

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