Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Note to papa

"When someone miss you and want to see you, The person appears in your dream".
I read it somewhere and I'm clueless if its true or not.Time has rolled by slowly and i never really felt the same since you gone.I often feel your presence,For i know you are here.So what if not physically present.You may be gone from sight but in my mind you're still in view.May be this might be the reason i often see you in my dreams.Oh,how i wish the first line of this paragraph is true.It urge me to believe that you visit to see how am i doing.Somebody told its psychological effect...somebody said it is may be a sort of depression and i should try medicine or meditation but I don't give a fuck to that peculiar advise because it doesn't  make me sad.It provides motivation to carry on and I'm trying to become better as you always wanted it..Of course it will take time because you know how screwed i have been but progress is in process.
I hope you are doing good up there,
I need to rush for catching good sleep because it too late.
Miss you!

Only yours,

P.S. : I don't know if i should be posting it or not,I've deleted most of the personal updates long back because I shared pearl in darkness everywhere But then I don't care if anyone read this and think I'm insane.Many people,many mouth!


Manju Modiyani said...

U r not insane..u r just being true to urself..let those feelings flow...its the purpose of penning down emotions....

Ricademus said...

You're not crazy. My mom visits me. I can smell her stale cigarette smoke when she's here.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Sunakshi, am sure your father loved you likewise and every daughter is a god's gift to a father! A very beautiful and moving post:)

Whuaat? said...

Aww :)

You don't sound insane and this your blog and you don't need to think twice before posting anything. Blogging is almost therapeutic, I feel.


Prasoon said...

Your papa must be very proud of you.
Keep writing and make him proud every moment :)

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