Monday, March 12, 2012

Let it shine,Even if it does once in a while.

I don't need to make any excuses for my absence because we all understand we do have a life out of blogosphere and I do miss reading your blogs,Trust me!It isn't like that i follow you so that you follow my junk.
By the way, I would love to mention that somebody after ages thought of me when it came to passing award.Yes,Just when i thought I'm being considered as a kidnapped soul here.. Kinara  gave me this versatile blogger Award.Yeah,This just made my day.Thanks a ton buddy!! *smiling* I'm sorry but I'm running out of time I'm feeling way too lethargic to follow the rules but one thing is for sure,When it comes to passing it..Each one of you deserve this.No,I'm not lying.So,please feel free to mention it on your blog.Without a delay of any second,I declare,proclaim that all of us are awesome.
That's it for today.
See ya all some other time.
Enjoy and stay awesome! :D


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Lovely to hear from you and yes there is a life ourside blogshphere.


RidaFatima said...

yes all of us are awesome :-) stay blessed.

jayendra sharan said...

Congratulations :)

Kinara :) said...

Very well deserved one gal!:)

Sunakshi said...

Thank you everyone :)

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