Monday, September 23, 2013

From a wanderer's shell..

I left the crowd. Now I'm where I belong or may be I'm not..I still am not happy though and somewhere i feel I'm stuck in shackles of time but I'm not sad either.Why this feeling?I think i have lost my mind.Shit.No.I can't even write a thing that makes sense and here I am whining.I'm more than this.I can laugh endlessly, I can go out alone just to taste new variety of food but not right now.Because sometimes its just good to sit and pour out random shit like I'm doing just now.

Here i go..

Caressing a crying heart of my own,
Far away from the scary clown,
Deep inside dwells the murder conspiracy,
The dull lines of poetry - mocking sanity.
A shadow longs for its existence,
Perhaps its the time to build the distance,
The winters are on their way,
Whispers unveil as i try to run away.
Ain't afraid of sorrow,
Even when the sky throws the whines of rainbow,
It's the mind which knows no boundary,
When everything ends in a stroke of misery.


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