Sunday, September 15, 2013

Your Life …Your Decisions!!

It seems like my blog will die with happiness because it has got 3rd guest post from a pretty blogger Sabreen and I being typical me managed to delay the post for more than 2 weeks i guess because of laziness. No, I hate that look please Anyway Sabz Yeah, This is her twitter handle *Smiles* has done brilliant work in framing an impressive post which you can never expect from me. Thoko taali xD

Here it goes..
“Mom I scored 95% “, Diana squealed with joy. Thereafter, tears did not listen to the Matthew family and came out without warning. Diana’s cell phone did not stop beeping for one minute from that moment. Diana was overjoyed as she was not expecting so much from her Class tenth exams. And now she magically fulfilled the expectations of elders.

“Thank God Beti, your seat now stands assured at Xavier’s and Loyola College for Science (Major)”, said Mrs. Matthew. These were the two best colleges in Dharwad, a small city and a district in state of Karnataka.

Diana had always been exceptional in academics and some cultural activities and her faith was always sealed with Science being the next step after school. She lived in that age where, only those who lacked interest in studies went for streams like humanities and commerce. Her dad had always wanted her to become an engineer, as he could not become one, due to financial crisis.

It was fed into her central nervous system that she was born to be an engineer. She was also very happy with it. Then she joined college and started off well. Gradually, she started enjoying her English classes more than her first love subjects math and science. The reason being, English needed less efforts to be put in and she always scored well. She worked a lot on her ‘to- be’ engineer subjects, but in vain.

When the final results came, she somehow passed all subjects, scoring almost a 90 in English. She was happy that she cleared all subjects, while the other Matthews were devastated. “Will I be able to pass engineering?” thought Diana. But somehow her dad managed to get a seat for her in one of the colleges in Mumbai. She was scared yet happy that she could now live on her own from now on.

She excelled throughout the engineering course with flying colors. She was placed in a very good MNC. In her non working hours, Diana made some time for  her own blog, where she scribbled simple thoughts of her own. She started hosting lots of events within her company. She loved her job as it gave scope for her hobbies to be taken care of. 

“I will work here forever Mom, even if they give less hikes”, she told her mom one evening over a telephonic conversation. But parental pressure had not come to an end for Diana after she became an engineer. Her mom said “look for higher technical studies, and look for better opportunities in other MNC’s”. She just said, “O.K. Mom” as she was too tired to be a part of any arguement.

“Should not have done engineering”, Diana told herself, feeling very annoyed. She hated the idea to study any more, but she could not tell her parents all this. Life was a cakewalk for her in the current company. But the same life had other plans for her.

Once during a mid-year project assignment, she had represented her company in order to visit some
clients, who were located in the beautiful state of Gujarat. Everything was good until some of the senior members were unnecessarily rude to her. Those guys made a huge crisis out of nothing, and Diana fell very insulted. “There are others who can handle clients in a much better way than you”, said one guy, who accompanied her. She blamed herself thinking she might have gone wrong somewhere and hence such reactions.

This feeling left her so broken that she needed external consultation to recover from the situation. Finally, she left her job. This was her first failure in life. She decided she will not work with any company but become a content writer, while working from home. She gave that up soon as she earned peanuts compared to her MNC job.

She spent the next three months sometimes doing nothing, sometimes wondering what to do, and sometimes searching for jobs. Finally she settled for a sales job in a small private venture. She thought this was her escape route from the root called “Engineering”.
But within three months she started cribbing about her company because of wee hour work timings and she got bored of the same schedule. She kept searching for other jobs, again with the feeling of being nowhere.

Then she found another job where she was hired for her engineering skills and experience, but later was moved into the Human Resources department. Finally she was happy. But was she really happy? Yes and No. Yes, because she earned good money. No, because she had not still found out what was her dream. What was ‘that’ she wanted herself to become?

She knew within her heart, she had a flair for writing. But was it enough? She continued to write her blog which earned quite a lot of fans.  But she knew, her subconscious dreams told her she should attempt writing no matter what. She never told her parents about this. Now Miss Diana is busy designing first few pages of her novel, while also doing her daily desk job.

Let’s all await her first novel to get published. Then we can also paste her success story someday, if at all it is successful. We do not know how her parents will react. But this brave girl has finally taken her own decisions.

The message that I have for all young minds:
·         It’s never too late to realize your dreams.
·         Time has changed; we can have multiple talents and hence try our hands at multiple professions too.
·         Take calculated risks in life.
·         You can never to be too busy to do things which you love.
·         Failure is always a stepping stone, it make you a stronger person.
P.S – awaiting feedback guys, this might decide if I can really realize my dream!!

Here's a token of thanks for you sabreen for sharing a beautiful post with us.
Of course your dreams will come true on one fine day. xD 


anitaexplorer said...

That's such an inspiring & positive post!
Most of us go through our lives, living other dreams & suppressing our desires. But, when we do something that makes us truly happy, then, life is all the more beautiful!
Am happy for Diana! All the best for her book!
All the best to all of us too who nurture similar dreams!
Thanks for sharing!
God Bless!

Rahul Bhatia said...

One must dream and work to fulfill the dreams :) Nice writing!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Godspeed there, and best of luck! If you know what you have to write, then write it down. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

sabreen zahid said...

Inspiring comments :) *happy smiles*

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