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And I'm back with an awesome post again. *No, I didn't put on thinking cap to add a extra dose of insanity.You may take a deep breath of relief now* I'm proud to announce that this time the courtesy goes to  Rahul's Blog and collections .Rahul Bhatia, One of the talented blogger who pen down his thoughts including the variety of life experiences so beautifully that you cannot close the tab without finishing the complete post and reading few more too.Another not so common Engineer who has served Indian Navy and presently working with telecom MNC.His collection can take you to various places as it includes the travel diaries too.

For adding the pearls to this space here is what Rahul sir has written...

Which is the best part of our lives? Most find the childhood time is the best one whereas for some it is the teenage time and for a few it is the early years of marriage! According to me the most interesting time is the teenage years! Times of rebellion, the times when we undergo physical transformations defining our sexuality and growing awareness of the environment around us! 

It was funny to experience sudden cracking of voice and sprouting of beard. Sometimes, one felt still like a child when others started treating you an adult. The world around us appeared to be more colorful! The ‘hippy cut’ hair was in vogue and the denims and bell bottoms were the rage of the day! The band concerts, Cricket and Lawn Tennis and movies appeared more attractive than attending Ram Leela or the discourses of saints!

Table tennis and badminton were difficult to resist post school and breaking of the TT balls and
badminton shuttle was more heart breaking than reading about breaking hearts in romantic stories. Slowly, with time and dogged determination Enid Blyton, Capt WE Johns and classics like ‘Treasure Island’ made way for James Hadley Chase, Perry Mason, Agatha Christie, Alistair Maclean, Arthur Hailey and once in a while the Harold Robbins and Leon Uris! The girls would read the M & B and discussing the stories with giggles on the back seats in class instead of Mallory Towers and Jane Austin. The smart ones stopped applying the coconut oil in hair and left the tresses free to sway in the wind. The Connaught Place ( now Rajiv Chowk) had many corners where the teens would meet with friends, haggle for books and the export surplus clothes on sale in the streets of Janpath!

Bunking classes in school was unimaginable but once in college ‘mass cuts’ and bunking for movies was quite a done thing but with caution! The professional studies at the engineering institution did not leave any room for increasing the frequency of such occasions to enjoy. The Monday test every week left most of us on the tenterhooks on Saturday and Sundays as all the tests were counted towards the final result.

Enjoying ‘chaat’ and street food was something that was welcome anytime in place of regular home food. Nirulas was the only restaurant in Delhi that offered burgers and pizzas and a visit was always looked forward to!

It was fun to discuss the ‘crushes’ and anything tantalizing like a ‘Debonair’ or ‘Playboy’ was treated akin to handling live bombs and were guarded better than the bombs by terrorists today! Still life was pretty simple and there were not many choices to make unlike today! Since there was no virtual world of Facebook and Twitter, most interactions were on one to one. There was virtually no telephone so less broken hearts due few opportunities to chat on mobiles! Some ‘very smart kids smoked’ and very few cases of drugs consumption were heard! Abba , Beatles and Kishore Kumar kept the teens engrossed with the lively music and catchy numbers.

Once we crossed the’ Lakshman Rekha’ of the teen years life was never the same again under the peer pressure , taking up jobs, pursuing the rate race to make a living and learn the ropes to settle down in the mad world!

*This ends here and you can be jealous now* xD

Isn't it a beautiful reminder of the golden days cherished by all of us?Sooner or later. *Smiles* Thanks a lot sir for sharing a lovely brief account of memories with us.It was more like -

"Let's take a walk,
A walk down memory lane."


Rahul Bhatia said...

Thanks a lot, Sunakshi for giving me an opportunity to contribute to your sweet blog:)

Jyoti Mishra said...

Days when you make friends, and your world revolves around them :)

these day shapes our personality.. :)

KK said...

Fatte chak diye Rahul ji.

I did not cross into and out of teenage in a single period. It was more of an overlapping. I find my childhood more enjoyable.

However, work and responsibility now makes me yearn for any part before I turned 21. (Sigh)

Usha Menon said...

Thank you Rahul for such a sweet little post. I became nostalgic, reliving my days as a college going girl (bunking classes and reading
M&B novels).

Sandhya said...

This was nostalgic for me too, Rahulji! 'No telephone' days, were a boon. 'No extra tension' days!

Do you think teenagers of current times enjoy life like you did, Rahulji! TV and computer has occupied their times, instead of genuine friends and outdoor games.

Interesting post, as usual Rahulji!

Purba said...

Those days when life was at its most vivid hues. You loved passionately, cried harder, rebelled stronger and pissed others off with an attitude that made even the devil cringe with shame.

Rahul Bhatia said...

@Jyoti Mishra-Agree with what you say:)
@ KK- Thanks a lot for liking!
@ Usha Menon- Thanks Ushaji! Am happy you could recollect your good times:)
@ Sandhya-The life has become too mechanical now so I wonder if the teens today can enjoy as much as we did:)
@ Purba-Am nodding my head at what you wrote:)

indu chhibber said...

You have kindled many sweet memories of my own childhood & teenage with this lovely post.Everything resonates !

Sunakshi said...

Rahul sir :) My blog's pleasure :D

Rahul Bhatia said...

@ Indu Chibber: So happy that I could kindle the old sweet memories!

@ Sunakshi: Thanks once more:)

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