Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My friendly jubilee post for my dost

Oh you read the title right but there is a little difference.Whatever I'll share is a post from my dost.Once again Anita, My twitter friend, Creator of The Explorer Of Miracles , Contest freak, Highly Educated a doctorate is an academic degree of the highest level, Amiable and charismatic person possessing the positive aura which can shoot up your morale to another level, Has contributed to my pearls to light a flicker of faith in darkness.She kicked off the Monday blues by dropping happiness in my mailbox and what else could be better than knowing that she has dedicated her 75th post to my blog? Be jealous *Grin*

 Here is what Anita has shared with us.

When I think of both the words Diamond & Platinum, I think of my FRIENDS, as even they are precious! Friends are the jewelry that we can proudly flaunt! There is no fear of them getting stolen as they are always there for us! Coming to think of it, friends are priceless! At least, we can buy Diamond & Platinum jewelry in the shop. But, we can’t really ‘buy’ true friends or friendship in a shop as friends are earned! Friends, like jewelry, reflect our choice!

In a story of Vikram-Betaal*, Betaal tells the story of a wise girl who has two suitors- one whose relatives have bad habits and the other whose friends have bad habits. At the end of the story, as usual, Betaal poses a question to King Vikramaditya- “Who do you think the wise girl chose to marry- the man who has relatives with vices or the man who has friends with bad-habits? Which was the wise choice and why? Tell me, O King! Else your head will roll off!”

With his wisdom, King Vikramaditya replies, “The girl should marry the man whose relatives have bad-habits and certainly not the man whose friends have vices! We do not have control about the family or the relatives we are gifted with as we cannot really do anything about the relatives of the family we are born in! But, we certainly have a say in our choice of friends as we are the ones who choose our friends! Friends are an extension of our personality!”

Wise words indeed, but Betaal escaped (as he always did when the wise King gave the right answer!) & King Vikramaditya continued his pursuits to catch Betaal, listen to new stories & answer the questions correctly!

Friends are a pillar of strength. They cheer us up and support us when we are feeling blue! ALL IS WELL with friends around! The world feels special, stars twinkle brighter, the clouds assume creative shapes, the air is more fragrant, the food is more tasty, the laughter more free…

Friendship is based on trust, faith, understanding, tolerance and communication. Wise men advise- ‘Be A Friend’. First, we need to make friends with ourselves, before hoping or expecting others to be our friend. Be aware and completely accept the self before extending/expecting ‘friendship’ to/from others!

If everyone in the world was a friend, peace would rule and there would always be cool solutions and no problems like terrorism, disputes, allegations or tensions…!

May we all ‘Be A Friend’ and may the word ‘unfriend’ be deleted even from a Bokwaas* Dictionary! 

Grateful to FRIENDS; though we seldom say!

We may forget to wish on ‘Friendship Day’!

But the love & respect is here to stay!

Friends are special in every way & every day!

Thank God for FRIENDS! Friends make the world a better place!

Good Friends are hard to find, because the best ones are already mine.

*Vikram-Betaal-  Stories of King Vikramaditya & a ghost, Betaal. This Story is written in my own words from my memory of a story shown in a dedicated TV-show by the same name!

*Bokwaas- Hindi word for ‘Silly’


Isn't it a genuine reminder of importance of friends in life?It's been quite a long time i haven't read vikram betaal stories and i guess it will happen right after my exams.Here is a token of thanks for you Anita..  xD

  P.S. I love collecting Guest posts so you're free to contact if you are willing to contribute. <\^_^</


anitaexplorer said...

Thanks for the honor, dear Sunakshi!
You made a Guest-Post possible for me!
I am delighted and grateful that you are my friend! Thanks! :)

P.S.- Your Blog makes my writing look cool with amazing pics & your company! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Wonderful story Anita!

Sunakshi, you sure have good friends who keep this place like a rolling stone :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Misterio Vida said...

ahan... so we can say pearl are again shining in the dark... or mayb e we should say "diamonds in the darkness" :P

great work anita... hopefully you will continue to enchant us with your wonderful writings :) stay blessed

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