Sunday, November 10, 2013

For Intellectual Magical Morons!

Title me as a “Grammatically Disoriented Person” because of my grammatical errors, I won’t stop writing or write even an inch less.I write for myself, and I would keep writing even if anyone reads or not. I will put up every little thing in my whiney blog and it should be none of your business because I'm not here to serve you best of the fictions.I'm not ashamed by any single thing i have jot down so far.
The canvas of my life fills up; I see the greatest painting ever.Eat well, pour out all the optimism, stay fit and die anyway! \m/


The Luminary ™ said...

Frankly speaking, I never found any grammatical errors in your posts that I have so far read.

Well, thats' the spirit. Because taking everybody's 'advice' and following would changing ourselves, which is not a good thing.

Be yourself.

Soumya said...

High Faive there darling!

Write all you want, the others can go take a hike :)

Sunakshi said...

Luminary Thank you :D

Soumya High five! :D Indeeeed

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