Monday, November 18, 2013

Exactly Just The Way I Like

I found something worth sharing.To make it little easy for you to finish it off as soon as possible without wasting any time I have compiled the Danielle Koepke's  quotes.

You don't have to make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small. It's one thing if a person owns up to their behaviour and makes an effort to change. But if a person disregards your feelings,ignores your boundaries, and "continues" to treat you in a harmful way, they have to go.There is a big difference between giving up and letting go. Giving up means selling yourself short. It means allowing fear and struggle to limit your opportunities and keep you stuck. Letting go means freeing yourself from something that is no longer serving you. It means removing toxic people and belief systems from your life so that you can make room for relationships and ideas that are conducive to your well being and happiness. Giving up reduces your life. Letting go expands it.Giving up is imprisoning. Letting go is liberation.Giving up is self-defeat. Letting go is self-care. So the next time you make the decision to release something or someone that is stifling your happiness and growth, and a person has the audacity to accuse you of giving up or being weak, remind yourself of the difference. Remind yourself that you don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to live your life in the way that feels right. No one has the authority to tell you who to be or how to live. No one gets to decide what your life should look like or who should be a part of it. No one, but you.

Now you've read this you may flush the regrets just in case.. *Grin* 

I pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.Gratitude turns what i have into enough for me.

Sharing my favorite picture of a place to which countless memories are attached.4 people, Insanity on its peak and so much of fun.

Life never run out of reasons to make you smile.You just forget to look at the brighter sides.

By the way did you get your legend's personalized digital signature poster from twitter?Mention #ThankYouSachin and @BCCI will generate one for you.Thank me later.Here is mine xD


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Lets look down on people! :D

Hehehe, I don't want that poster. :)

Sunakshi said...

Hahaha :D

Pop Champagne said...

"You don't have to make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small." I love that sentence!! such a sweet post!

Red Handed said...

And no I dont want the signature...
Btw that was one good post!

anitaexplorer said...

Nice one, Sunakshi! :)
Can relate to it with some answers!
I tweeted for Sachin's poster seeing the info here! Let's see when i get it!

Sunakshi said...

Pop champagne Thank you :)

Red yeeeeaaahhhhhhhhh It's domino's.Thank you xD

Thank you Anita.I'm sorry to say but they've discontinued this.Had i known earlier that you are clueless about it i would have surely told you.

Aditi said...

thank you for putting it here. and sorry for not visiting ur blog sooner. was just caught up. pls do share ur links wenevr u update ur blog.

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