Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winning is Everything

I have been loaded with hell lot of work Fat pile of books to be honest *Giggles* which explains all the reason to miss out opportunity to update this love of mine.Just now a friend messaged her post for Blog adda contest  and i was all charged up for letting the madness out.Credit goes to the patiala glasses of tea and sleep deprived soul who wanders in kitchen and hog like an elephant every now and then.Yes, Patiala glasses of tea because cup is too mainstream. *Winks*
Okay so let me mention quickly what the contest is all about.It's quite a simple one where I'm supposed to write my winning speech on receiving the prestigious and much desired BlogAdda Blog Award!I have received awards before but never i thought of writing a speech so it's like celebrating a sweet taste of victory yayyy xD  The congratulation wishes , a loud applause and whistles, nothing but it's me who will matter when I'm announced as a WINNER!Believe me it actually gives happiness when you get to know that there are people out there to read your ramblings of khaali brain which are just creation of weird mood swings.

 This would be my ceremonial thank you speech :

*Clears throat*

I thank judges for believing my blog deserve this award.
My parents for burning their savings in my education so that i could learn how to frame sentences and use a decent level of grammar.
My cousin for introducing me to the world of blogging and My siblings for giving up their love for Facebook for few hours so that i could explore blogging Of course after a heartfelt great session of pampering which also included dose of cat fights
A genuine pool of friends who embarrassed me to the death in private for the flaws which they could notice in my writing but then poured all the love in public to cover it up all.
My perfectly insane brain which keeps on dreaming to cast a spell for wishful thinking.  
Loyal readers who never fail to cheer me up and shower their support through the mails when I'm not around.
Airtel broadband for an amazing connection speed. Be jealous  
God for giving the memories to strike the chords within me for letting the madness create bubbles of pearls.
Our electricity board for their uninterrupted electricity whenever i sign in.
Twitter people who never comment but then again fill the mention tab sharing their views.
All those silent readers who never show up but then secretly stalk this place. 
Our maid who do all the cleaning and my mom doesn't whine when i spend time in reading novels.
My smartphone which is actually smart enough to never miss a notification and seize the opportunity.Yeah optimum utilization of resources if it is to be summed up in commerce language. xD
Our pet who once chewed my diary and i kept my laziness aside.Typing takes time but then i can be sure it is worth.
An extra huge share of token of love for mommy for making the super healthy food which i hog almost all day long and stay healthy and happy. xD

I'm grateful to everyone around me for they've influenced me in some way or another.

Ends here.You may clap now

Code :
This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!


Hitesh R said...

Hehe, congo Khaali Brain.
Nice speech. Keep winning more awards like this. Wonder how this empty brain conjures up so many words for blog posts

anitaexplorer said...

You have included everyone in your speech! :)
Great one! Applause! Cheers! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

One question, what if your dog wants to eat chips and feeds on the chips inside your electronic gadget (on which you write these blog posts?) to satiate his hunger?

Another question, why is Google not acknowledged? I asked them about it and they had a quite gruff reaction to it.

Since you are writing a winning speech in advance, here, 'Congratulations Sunakshi, you totally deserved it!', wish in advance :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

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