Sunday, October 18, 2009

miss you..

Here i am sitting blank,
I look at the cards,
I look at the gifts,
Then i look around to search you with moist eyes.

The never ending talks we used to had,
The silly,cute and touching texts we used to sent,
The stupid fights we had,
The sweetest and hilarious consolations we gave,
All this brings a smile with sigh on my face.
We ain't lovers,
We ain't enemies,
We are the best friends forever,
The strongest relationship we share.
I can't describe how much i miss you,
May you get best of everything,
Smiles and happiness become your best companion,
Thats all what i wish for you.
My trust upon you,
The promise to stand by you forever,
Care,love and understanding,
Is what i can give you,
I only know how much i miss you.


chocolate lover said...

nice and sweet :)
loved it !!

ambika said...

missin u too inna saara......
will neva gt a bst frnd lyk u....
cuz u rock baby...
luv yah shona.....

workhard said...

That is such a nice tribute to ur friends...

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aritra the daydreamer said...

your words seem to be my words....very well written

Sunakshi said...

Chocolate lover-thanks :)

Ambi-love ya too buddy :)

Workhard-yea,they deserve this :)

Aritra-thanks ^_^

sulagna chatterjee said...

awww..i loved this...

PS: I suck at poetry so sent your link to my best friend,as an ode to our friendship

Sunakshi said...

sulagna- no problem,hope your friend likes it too ^_^

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