Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thats what friends are for..

It was a lovely day,the drops of rain were continously touching the window pane.the aroma of fresh breeze was filling heart and soul of tehzeeb with new dreams and hopes.her spirits were high,she was dancing without music,the sweetness of weather provided the soothing melody.suddenly her cell phone rang up,she picked it up.the voice was jovial,it was her best friend heena.

Heena : hullo
Tehzeeb :  hey bitch =P
Heena : you can never change *laugh* how're you doing? ;)
Tehzeeb : no never! *laugh* m doing great,how about you?
Heena : truly rocking like always ;)
Tehzeeb : ooh rockstar eh? =P hey btw did you watch rock on?the new show on mtv
Heena : nopes!powercut mahn!i feel like shooting the power suppliers,they should be called at one place and then shooted at once *laugh*
Tehzeeb :*laugh* oh please have some mercy on them,it would seem like jalliahwala bagh part-2 =P 
Heena : alright!mercy granted,go and announce that heena khan has granted another life to power suppliers and they can party now  xD *laugh*
Tehzeeb : yea sure sure!you'll go to heaven haan,their families will surely pray for you =P *laugh*
Heena : lol yeap.
Tehzeeb : hmph,what happened?
Heena : nothing,nothing at all,why?
Tehzeeb : whom are you fooling dude?speak up?tell na what happened?
Heena : arre what made you think that something has happened?seriously nothing is there..
Tehzeeb : cool!means you'll be telling afterwards,isn't it?
Heena : *finally broke into tears* how did you get to know?i tried my best to veil it up with laughs?do you know any trick?i mean you never go wrong in predicting my mood?even on text you catch it with ease?how?
Tehzeeb : hmph..dunno dude,i just get it.what happened anyway,don't change the topic now.else i'll paint your hidden wings with purple lolx
Heena : series of incidences,i'll text you after sometime.i am getting late for friends birthday party for to you in night buddy.
Tehzeeb-okay,but do enjoy the party,and  don't drink vodka in excess and dance like lunatic jerk like the way you did in amrita's party last year *laugh* and yea,cheer up,do puke out whatever is bothering you,we'll burn it up by moulding it in comic scene xD
Heena-yup,for sure *laugh* .i am relaxed now.thanks a tonne for great understanding you shower upon you :)
Tehzeeb - aw thats what friends are for buddy , love you too .. now go for party na,have fun,love you too  xD
Heena-bye .. see ya :)


DiDo said...

really cute... first fiction..but surely the best one :)

Sunakshi said...

Thanks :)

aritra the daydreamer said...

found u in sulagna s blog ...really had a good time reading the poems and this story..
anyway it wud be a pleasure if u visit mine....comments and followers r always welcome :)

Sunakshi said...

Glad you liked it :)

i'll visit yours :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

LOL you know what??? it kept reminding me of my wicked days in college..absolute revisiting of memories happened!!

you write really well girl..and thank you for the comment on my know it makes you so happy...

look i am still smiling :)

Sunakshi said...

It was my pleasure. :)

thanx for dropping and commenting :)

chocolate lover said...

nice fiction

thanx for visiting my blog..

byeeee keep blogging

Sunakshi said...

^ - thanx :)

The Boy Who Sold The World said... even u bore ppl wid this senti stuff :P....some fabulous works here...u should think abt going perfectly imperfect mind could only swallow this 1 though

Sunakshi said...

Professional?professionals will certainly drop a bomb at my place for ruining the word professional lmao :P thanks for stopping by :)

ambika said...

Remins ov our cnvrsatns..... U always do dis.... Dun catcb d feelins .... :)) bt love u with awl my heart....

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