Thursday, October 29, 2009

Move on

Walking through empty streets,
Her heart began to fill with silent screams,
She tried to look back to call upon someone,
"Don't look back" her wisdom suddenly answered.
Her mind started loosing control,
Surrounded by the haunting loneliness,
Her tears were eager to flow,
"No more tears" her faith reminded.
Withered with thirst and tired,
Not knowing which way to turn,
She paused and closed her eyes,
She remembered her mother's lullaby,
Her growing up,
Her bruised knees and tears she shed,
Mixed with the beautiful times she had.
 The world is out there,
She must try to conquer her fear,
Life is like a circle
She ought to get around it,
She thought.
She opened her eyes again,
Feeling empty,lost and drained,
"Move on" gently her inner voice whispered,
The visions blurred and voices faded,
She looked ahead and moved.


chocolate lover said...

its really sweet..
loved it alot..
It reminded me of something.. :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

heyii i liked this :) honestly takes a lot of courage to not look back,i know about it too;)

chocolate lover said...

you won an award..

Sunakshi said...

Shri-thanx n hope it reminded ya something good :) ooh thanx a lot for an award too :)

Sulagna-agree with ya,thanxx :)

Ravindra Merthi said...

Life is like a circle
ur philosopher style....universal truth

She looked ahead and moved
and above line shows determination.

i faced that in ma past life and i hope to face that in future.

i liked these lines very much.
simply say Genius

DiDo said...

loves the last 5 lines.. :( beautiful/....

Sunakshi said...

Ravindra-um all da best for that =) and thank you so much for da comment =)

dido-thank you so much =)

Amity Me said...

wow...great thoughts but on a sad note!

'let us conquer our fears' so we can move on with life...

another great writer i have met in you!!!

i'd be here always for every new post of yours...:)

Tabernacle of Serenity said...

i m speechless.. magnificent work.. :)

Sunakshi said...

Amity me and manish -thank you so much :)

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