Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Worn out feelings

Where have all of the time been?
The time she lived.
Where have all of the memories gone?
The memories which she was supposed to cherish till end.
She walks the same streets now,
But why everything seems to be changed?
Through the corner of her bright smile,
why the urges springs to break the silence of time?
It seems she is searching something badly,
But why she herself couldn't understand what she is missing?
She is connected to the ecstatic world,
But why it seems she wanders on darkest highway?
She seem to bear the hollowness with ease,
But why no one cares to colour her world with the fresh breeze?


DiDo said...

But why no one cares to colour her world with the fresh breeze?

Thats sumthg i can relate to right now ... beautiful sunakshi :)

chocolate lover said...

its really nice sunakshi

take care byeee

Sunakshi said...

Both- thanks ^__^

ambika said...

its awesum.........

Sunakshi said...

ambi-thanx xD

workhard said...

Expressive writng..

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Sunakshi said...

Workhard-thanks ^_^

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