Monday, November 2, 2009

Broken inside..

                               She want to live somewhere,
Where there is a sweet and calm air,
She painted her face with bright colors,
Because life on the outside has got different flavors.
She is broken from inside,
No one will ever get to see the tears she cry,
She protect her outer shell with smile,
She don't reveal the pain even for a while.
She wants the time to be on her side,
The time when everything falls in straight line,
She wants her faith to heal the deep cuts,
But its the harshness what punch her in guts.

Staying up all night long,
She realized the bitter taste of losing everything,
She waited for sky to fall down,
 Even though she knew nothing like that would happen.


Being Pramoda... said...

hey gal..

well composed emotions right since the begining..:)

esp the last stanza made mw ahhhhh ..:) Lovelyyyy.. keep up the good work..

sulagna chatterjee said...

this is beautifully written ..i agree with with what pramoda says :)

chocolate lover said...

di .. its really sweet and awesome
loved the emotion..
take care :)

Sunakshi said...

all-thank you so much ^_^

sulagna chatterjee said...

thanks for the comment girl!! and trust me i need lot of encouragement to get my tattoo :) hopefully the picture should be up soon :)

Amity Me said...

oh, what's wrong with you girl? all your poems are sad?

it is when we are so down and low that we write beautiful poems like this!

it helps, but if the sadness is there to stay, that's no longer good...

overcome those broken feelings, cheer up, life is beautiful!!!

DiDo said...

heyyy sunkzzz... amazongg poem... this reminded me of Avril lavinge's song "nobody's home"... its goes

she wants to go home
nobody's home
there's where she lies..
broken inside :)

neautiful..keep writiing them

Sunakshi said...

Sulagna di-thats great,happy tattooing xD

Amity me-agree to ya,the beautiful piece comes outta sadness,but when we spit the feeling in such way,the beautiful lines wash away the sadness =) thanks for da comment =)

Dido-you know what,that track is one of my favorite.does it really sounds like that?cool ;) thanks ^_^ =)

celestialrays said...

hey hopped here from DiDo's

lovely lines :-)

you have a good blog going, I'll be back for more :-)

Ravindra Merthi said...

hmm sweet and calm air
wake up @5am, go outside n feel tht.

Be sure 2 wear some more clothes coz its cold too!!!
ofcourse change ur mood by addicting wid Tom-n-Jerry.

Sunakshi said...

celestialrays -thanks for stopping by :)

Ravindra-m already addicted to disney and mtv channel :P it roxx xD .. thanx fr stopping by :)

lizzie said...

really liked it..! related to it!

Sunakshi said...

lizzie-thanks :)

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