Thursday, November 5, 2009

Take life as it comes

The sun is shining far too bright,
Sitting there she realize that no doubt its fading,
The misty gray night is approaching,
Without a single complaint,with no more grudges,
Unafraid and strong,
Embracing the solitude she stays on the sea shore,
She notice the voice of her every single breath,
She hears the whispered pearls of her inner voice.
Not out of her mind,
Feeling brave,
No more bleeding no more crying,
No more crawling,no more falling,
She waits for the darkness to arrive,
Feeling  nice she  looks up in the sky,
She thanks the almighty for everything,
She decides to take life as it comes.


celestialrays said...

feels like I have been there...

sulagna chatterjee said...

ohhh girl..i have been through what your poen is all about :) brought back a wave of nostalgia ..and yes abt the tattoo..meri toh band bajegi ;)

DiDo said...

again sunakshi... u hav written exactly how i am feeling.. how do strike the chord with me all the time :)

chocolate lover said...

sweet :)
loved it sunakshi di
byeeeeee take care :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi Sunakshi..

woww wowww... true feelings and apt pic..loved the last lines ...:)

:)..Keep writing dear...

DiDo said...

update update.. want to see u write more of these... where hav u disappeared

Sunakshi said...

celestialrays-hmph,even i imagined the same while writing :)

Sulagna di-ooh!thanx for stopping by :)

Shri-thanks yr :)

pramoda-yep,sure.thanks a lot for stopping by :)

Dido-was outta station,thats y couldn't come far as your query is concerned,um strong co-incidence i guess :) ;) lol

DiDo said...

:) ... lol yea maybe

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